Anyone who has ever worn a skirt knows how perilous an experience it can be –  one wrong move, one inopportune gust of wind, one misplaced leg; that’s all it takes to inadvertently flash your underwear at a startled passerby.

There was clearly a niche in the market for educating women on how to avoid this embarrassing state of affairs, and one Japanese director has jumped to fill it with gusto.

The DVD version of popular web series ‘Research on how to definitely not expose your panties while…’ is set to be released this month. It’s a compilation of clips from creator Hanao Nohira, who uploads the videos to his website where they’ve already netted over 25 million views.

The title of the latest addition to the series is ‘Research on how to definitely not expose your panties while stroking’, but don’t let your mind head towards the gutter – this is the most innocent stroking imaginable, in other words petting a cute little dog.

The premise behind Hanao’s videos is simple. He films women in situations such as bending down to pick things up or straddling a bike where “it’s actually strange when you can’t see their panties”. He ‘researches’ various methods of doing these activities so that the girls don’t reveal their underwear, then films the lovely ladies trying out each method from various angles in order to verify that there’s no sneaky peek of their unmentionables.

Take a look at the video below to see how it all comes together.

“Putting things down like lady.”

▼ Adult video star Hibiki Ohtsuki shows us how it’s done.


▼ I’m just impressed that she can actually bend down in that tight skirt!


▼ Especially while being filmed up-close-and-personal from every which way… I suppose she’s used to it though.


However, these attempts do sometimes fail and the girls end up exposing their underwear, so the videos are sometimes mistaken for ‘panchira‘ clips. ‘Panchira‘ is a Japanese word used for when someone’s underwear is showing, and is also a term used to denote a genre of voyeuristic upskirt videos. According to the producer though, his videos are about lofty ideals not cheap kicks, and he insists that “it’s seriously an educational film on techniques for women, you could say it’s an eradication campaign for panty peeking.” A suspicious number of them do seem to end in failure though, and I’m not convinced he’s going into this with as innocent intentions as he claims.

And there are people who find his videos erotic in their own right. The high-quality images tend to linger on the embarrassed expressions of the girls, and the camera angles certainly give you the feeling that you’re peeking at them, so in reality it’s getting a lot of attention from guys who are a fans of voyeurism. Perhaps watching women struggling in different situations to hide their panties with different postures and methods will be the new craze in Japanese adult entertainment? Stranger genres have certainly existed.

It’s also interesting that the girls featured in the DVD are popular adult video actresses, which doesn’t really lend much credence to his assertion that he’s actually aiming his ‘educational videos’ at women. Each girl faces a different challenge, and they gamely showcase the different methods of dealing with it in a series of clips like the one above, with much pouting at the camera and stroking of their skirts.

▼ Tsubomi shows us ‘how to stroke’.


▼ Ayumi Kimino demonstrates ‘how to climb over’.


▼ Saki Hatsumi grapples with ‘how to put on shoes’.


▼ And our pal Hibiki Ohtsuki shows us ‘how to put things down’.


As a supplement to DVD, which will compile the clips that have already been released to the web, there will be brand new content in the form of recordings of narration by voice actresses Maaya Uchida (Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!) and Aya Suzaki (Kill la Kill) explaining the techniques, so there’s an extra motivation for fans to purchase a copy.

If you’re in the mood for more not-quite-but-sort-of voyeuristic vids you can check out his YouTube channel and website for the whole collection.

Source: Kai-You
Images: Hanao Nohira official website and YouTube