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Gore-splattered heads up, zombie fans! Left 4 Dead Seizonshatachi, or “survivors”, arcade magnate Taito’s riff on Valve and Turtle Rock Studios’ hugely popular first-person zombie shooter, is not only ready to tear through the population of Japan but is about to be trialled at four selected arcades beginning May 23.

Details and videos after the jump.

Teased in February this year simply as “Project Z”, the arcade rendition of Left 4 Dead looks set to bring the original team-based shooting mayhem to arcades with surprising fidelity.

And now, as part of a run of “location tests”, eager gamers visiting Tokyo’s Hey game centre, Round 1 in Yokohama, Nagoya Leisure Land Sasashima-ten, or Sega Namba Avion in Osaka between Friday, May 23 and Sunday, May 25 can trial the game at 100 yen per play.

Here’s the teaser trailer Taito released earlier in the year, which warns of a massive virus outbreak in Tokyo.

And here’s the latest trailer showing off gameplay footage and the obligatory inclusion of some pixie-voiced female character.

How the game plays is anyone’s guess, but when you have a winning formula like Left 4 Dead‘s, only a virus-infected madman would want tinker with it, and it certainly looks like the arcade outing will remain true to its run-like-hell-and-keep-shooting roots.

If you manage to squeeze in a little playtime next weekend, be sure to left us know what you thought and how it compared to the PC and Xbox 360 originals!

Source: Taito
Videos/screenshots: YouTube Taito 1, 2