Rural Japanese town overrun with elderly zombies in attempt to control wild boar population

Small town in Shizuoka Prefecture hopes to bring in tourists and keep away pests by turning its residents into the walking dead.

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Resident Evil Umbrella green, red herb bath salts now exist in real world, are terrifying【Pics】

Surely we can trust the makers of the t-virus to help us relax and improve our skin quality, right?

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Coronavirus gives birth to new “Screambulance” haunted house delivery in Japan【Photos】

When you can’t go out during the pandemic, this company will bring the terror to you. 

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No escape from the terror with Japan’s new haunted Ferris wheel

Zombie Ferris Wheel of Hell is nearly 20 minutes of horror on Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel.

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Coronavirus leads to the creation of haunted drive-in in Tokyo this summer【Photos】

Pandemic is changing how haunted houses work in Japan, but the terrifying show will go on.

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SoraNews24’s first article written entirely by an AI

The future is here, and it’s weird.

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Burger King opens world’s first Ghost Store in Shibuya with the only Ghost Whopper in Japan

Eat Whoppers inside the nest of the living dead as zombie staff crawl around you this Halloween.

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Sanrio turns one of its most popular characters into a zombie for new Tokyo undead haunted house

Pompompurin isn’t quite as cute when he’s hungering for your brains, but you can save him in this mission-based Sanrio Puroland horror event.

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We tried “brain-flavored” zombie ramen from Hokkaido, with surprising results!

What better way to commemorate your visit to Hokkaido than with a bowl of brains?

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Mr. Sato may be only person on Earth who really liked the film “Armageddon of the Dead”

Mr. Sato revisits and reviews the 2012 classic that critics called “a confusing mess” and “so much unwanted junk.”

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Who killed Hello Kitty…?! Sanrio’s Puroland wreaks gory havoc with zombies, ghoulish cuisine

The newest instalment of Sanrio’s yearly horror night has a special twist, and covering your eyes won’t help you!

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Reconnect with the true meaning of Christmas at a Japanese zombie dance party

And yes, Zombie Santa will be there too.

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Japanese town bids for new residents with hilarious fake zombie game trailer 【Video】

To your left, excellent local amenities, and to your right, a Japanese man in his underwear battling bears and the undead with a pink trowel.

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Prefectural capital building in Japan has a moat, ready for mobs of invaders or zombies

Awesomely-defensible Fukui Prefectural headquarters is built on castle grounds.

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Flee from a zombie-infested hospital in I Am a Hero real escape game

Real escape games involve getting out of a certain place within a tight time limit, so it’s no surprise that the latest franchise to get the real escape treatment is I am a Hero, a zombie horror manga.

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Wanted: 2,300 people to dance like the walking dead at Halloween zombie party village in Tokyo

Halloween just keeps getting bigger in Japan. While stores are full of all sorts of cute paraphernalia to mark the celebration and a number of Halloween activities are marked on the calendar, there’s one very special event that’s bigger and more unusual than any other in Tokyo. In fact, it’s so popular the organisers sold all 2,000 tickets in one evening and are now offering an extra three hundred tickets to those who get in quick by applying online.

It’s the Zombie Party Village, which comes alive once a year with thousands of walking dead—all of whom are free to dance to their unbeating heart’s content without being bothered by angry mobs and cross-bearing priests. If you’d like to be a part of the 2,300-strong zombie dance collective, read on to find out all the details after the break.

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Seijiro Nakamura as Chris Redfield? Resident Evil stage play’s cast is entirely Japanese

I’m never really sure what I should call the zombie action series that began as a hit PlayStation game in 1996. Resident Evil, its internationally used name, is a lot more colorful than Biohazard, its Japanese one, but only the first of the many games takes place primarily in a home. What’s more, the source of the trouble is science run amok, not dark magic, so the “evil” part seems a touch melodramatic.

On the other hand, there are now five films in the franchise, with a sixth on the way, all of which are produced in English and usually come to Japan only after already premiering overseas, so score one point for Resident Evil.

But in the case of its upcoming stage adaptation, set to open in two months, I really think Biohazard is the most appropriate name, because it looks like every single member of the cast is Japanese.

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You can’t remake perfection, but Resident Evil 2 fans try anyway (and get creators’ attention)

Resident Evil 2 was released for the original Sony Playstation in 1998 and built upon the foundations of the first Resident Evil game to spawn an entire franchise of viral zombie horror games, movies, and other media. While the first game had a fairly self-contained “haunted house” type story, the second game put a Hollywood-esque movie-style spin on things, pitting players against an entire city of bloodthirsty zombies. It is Resident Evil 2 that gave birth to the Resident Evil franchise, and it is Resident Evil 2 that fans most desperately wish to see remade with modern technology.

But, while Capcom, the series’ creator, has recently been busy polishing up and re-releasing two old remakes of the original game and its prequel, an official Resident Evil 2 remake has yet to materialise. Instead, several dedicated fans from Italian indie software development studio Invader Games has taken matters into their own hands and rolled out their own version of Resident Evil 2, built using Unreal Engine 4.

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Video trailer brings us a city overrun with terrifying Miffy zombies

Miffy, the adorable fluffy white rabbit from Holland, has several reasons to be angry. Not only has she been to court to kill off Cathy, the doppelgänger bunny character created by Sanrio, she also has to put up with people confusing her for Hello Kitty, and then to top it all off, her creator, Dick Bruna, announced his retirement last year. Sometimes, it’s all too much for a bunny to bear.

So it’s not hard to imagine that Miffy would one day be out for blood, especially if she were to become a flesh-eating zombie. And when you multiply one zombified Miffy with an army of hundreds, things become genuinely terrifying. Take a look at the bunny apocalypse that’s threatening to take down the citizens of Hong Kong and cheer for the group that fights them after the break.

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