If the thought of a prolonged hospital stay or the sight of common doctors and nurses terrifies you, you might consider moving to China, where one hospital has taken it upon themselves to dress their nurses up like flight attendants – presumably to help patients forget, at least momentarily, that they’re in a healthcare facility.

We imagine the planning stage for the idea went something like this: 1) Dress nurses like flight attendants, 2) ???, 3) profit!

Sorry if we’re being too cynical about the whole thing, but it was a struggle to understand how the change of costume really makes much of a difference, nor whether sick people would actually care or benefit from the costume change, after we watched this promotional video where the nurses masquerading as flight attendants gang up on and manhandle infirm patients:

You’ll notice the video, by the way, is titled, “Chinese hospital is awesome! Nurse is a stewardess!” While we would decline to describe any stint in a hospital as “awesome,” we’re happy for those patients that do find some extra comfort in the playful costumes. Others, though, might see them and start wondering about the nurses’ credentials.

Now, zombie nurses; that would be something we could get on board with.

“Ma’am, please return your hospital bed to an upright position.”


Chinese nurses also apparently have some type of magic wand.