Survey picks “thin” as second-least-attractive body type for Japanese women

Heavier body type picked as cutest for second year in a row.

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This ad for Ueno Clinic makes no sense… until you realize what the clinic specializes in【Video】

Whoever conceived this commercial deserves some kind of award.

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Young Japanese adults in survey don’t even want to live to Japan’s average life expectancy

Most would call Japan’s famously long life expectancy a good thing, but for these Japanese women it’s more than a decade more than they want to stick around.

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Nearly one in three Japanese men in survey prefer to sit down when taking a pee

Why stand when you can sit?

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Manga teaches how to fall asleep in just 10 minutes with near-absolute certainty

Six simple steps to slumber require no breathing apparatuses, hard liquor, or any other sleep aids.

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Sashimi supplement pouches are here to help your body get the nutrients/sashimi it needs

Definitely more delicious than a handful of multivitamin capsules.

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Most female doctors in poll can understand Tokyo medical school reducing female applicant scores

Majority say they can see some sort of logic behind university systematically reducing women’s entrance exam scores by up to 20 percent.

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Tokyo Medical University accused of dropping women’s entrance exam scores 10-20 percent each year

Source says score-rigging was born out of concern that many “female doctors quit their jobs after having children.”

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This two-second self-check from a Japanese nurse helps you know if you’re in dehydration danger

Japan is dangerously hot this summer, and dehydration can sneak up on you without warning, so stay safe with this easy tip.

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Let’s find the Japanese full-face visor best suited for your grandmother or handmaiden

No mature woman’s ensemble would be complete without their own Imperial Guard mask.

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New Tokyo meditation studio will teach you to “be in the moment” in relaxing 30-minute sessions

We checked out downtown Tokyo’s newest mental oasis, and came away feeling better about our “lightly cloudy” selves.

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Sayonara, smelly salarymen! Japanese company develops self-smell-checking device

Handheld device sniffs pits and other smelly parts, assigns numerical stank ranking.

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Simple wrist test shows whether your body type is that of a model, athlete, or sumo wrestler

Grab your wrist and find out what kind of body frame you have.

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We make delicious, low(er)-calorie Japanese-style pizza with fried tofu and miso!【Sora Kitchen】

In our quest to find a cheese-laden pizza we can eat guilt-free, we’ve come across a Japanese-style concoction that’s surprisingly delicious.

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Turn unwanted fat into next month’s rent at new exercise-themed sharehouse in Saitama

Gran Toda’s “Fat Purchasing Campaign” is certainly one of the best incentives to finally get into shape.
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Famous Japanese actor set to measure busts at bra campaign event in Tokyo

Participants are being warned that “breasts may be touched inadvertently during the measuring process“.

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Former Tokyo University Professor claims eating only fruit for 8 years has made him superhuman

Mizuki Nakano says he is the next step in human evolution.

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Recent study once again ranks Japan as the country that sleeps the least

Japanese men and women seem to sleep as much as one hour less than people from other countries.

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Japan’s Ikoma City prohibits using its elevators for 45 minutes after smoking

City Hall refuses to go up in smoke any more.
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Japan’s extra-slim “Cinderella weight” diet target sparks debate online over health concerns

Formula works out to 18 percent lighter than Japan Medical Association guidelines, but not everyone thinks it’s a problem.

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