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The media usually likes to give advice to men for impressing all the women out there. But what you don’t normally hear about is whether those tips actually work or not. Some commonly held beliefs may actually be nothing but misconceptions.

Japanese website Niconico News ran an article about three such tactics that men believe will help them attract the ladies…which will actually backfire on them, at least according to the ladies themselves. If you’re reading this and you’re a man, you may want to take note, or else you could make a serious blunder next time you’re trying to impress your date.

1. “Shall I lend you my jacket?”

Many men are under the impression that heroically offering up their coat to a woman in the freezing cold is the epitomy of chivalrous behavior. Sure, there are certainly women who may have forgotten to check the weather forecast that morning and would gladly take that extra layer, but many other women have a very different idea:

“I’ve found many men’s jackets to be unclean and reeking of sweat or tobacco, as if they haven’t been washed in years. Truthfully, it’s an unwelcome favor.” (27-year-old woman)

“I guess it’s cute with young couples, but once you get to be around 30 it’s just plain embarrassing when a man lends his coat to a woman.” (29-year-old woman)

Men, it looks like the bottom line is to pay attention to the women’s reactions. Don’t force your jacket on them if they really don’t seem to want it, or you’ll only make them feel more awkward.

▼Would you want to wear this?


2. “I’ll treat you (but only a little bit)” 

Picture this little scenario: A man and a woman are eating at a restaurant and the bill comes out to be 9,000 yen (US$88). The man pulls out his wallet and boastfully says, “You only have to pay 4,000 yen; I’ll get the rest” as if he’s doing her the biggest favor in the world. But if you think about it, he’s only paying 500 yen more than if they had split the bill evenly.

This situation in particular seems to irk many women, who may actually feel more comfortable going Dutch:

“I hate it when a man has an attitude like he’s paid the full amount when he only paid a little extra. I’d rather just split the bill evenly.” (28-year-old woman)

Of course, how to split the bill on a date is a controversial subject in general, with some people claiming the traditional approach of the man paying for the bill is still the best while others think that in this day and age the woman should also pitch in. But regardless of how much each person ends up paying, no one should feel the right to put on airs as a result.

▼If you’re a guy, you may want to reevaluate how you take care of the bill.


3. “Don’t touch my hair!”

This misconception could be the most unintentionally offensive of them all! Movies, TV shows, and books often promote this technique as a veritable chick-attracting magnet, something that’s sure to make her heart beat wildly. In reality, many women voice their disgust at being “petted”:

“I don’t want my head being touched by a guy I barely know!” (28-year-old woman)

“I don’t want my hair to get messed up!” (30-year-old woman)

“I don’t like being treated like a child and see him looking down at me!” (27-year-old woman)

In other words, a woman will only appreciate this move if you’re already really close to her, or if she genuinely has a crush on you. If you are not fully confident about either of those points, you may not want to invoke the wrath of Rapunzel.

▼This shirt pretty much sums it up – hands off!


To all of our lovely female readers: Do you have any other pet peeves about men’s behavior? And to all the wonderful men out there: Can you think of anything that women do to try and grab your attention but which just makes you groan inside? Do let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Niconico News
Images: Rumorator, Fonseca ShowFacebook