Are you a Japanese girl? Are you terrified that your implausibly popular foreign boyfriend might run off after one of those other girls that are constantly throwing themselves at him? Japanese website Madame Riri has come up with a whistle-stop guide to things Japanese girls do that make foreign guys back off. Avoid these pitfalls, and you too can have a fairytale ending with your Price Charming… Apparently. Let’s see what they came up with!

Madame Riri asked foreign guys what things Japanese girls do that are likely to make them run for the hills. First up…

1) They play hard to get

There are women all over the world who attempt to conduct their romantic lives in accordance with some kind of complicated rule book.  “Don’t reply to his messages straight away!” “Let him think you’re interested in other guys!” “Pretend to hang up the phone but actually stay on the line and see if you can hear what he says about you!” (Ok, I made that last one up, but you get my drift).

Men and women pretending not to be interested in each other is the oldest trick since “want to come up to my room and see some etchings?”

▼”I’ve got this cool new book of classic Japanese paintings, too…”



However, our friends over at Madame Riri point out that when you throw a potential language barrier into the mix, ignoring your boyfriend runs the risk of having the opposite effect: what you think is mysterious and intriguing might just be weird or annoying to him. Or, he might actually believe you when you’re pretending to be interested in someone else.

In conclusion: foreign guys don’t like it when Japanese girls mess them around. But then again, not treating your loved one like some kind of toy is pretty good advice wherever you are, really. ikemenb2


2) They say “I love you” on, like, the second date

Japanese doesn’t have a good word for “I love you” – or not one that people use romantically to the same extent that English-speaking couples tend to use “love”, anyway. Ever noticed that in Japanese movies and drama the word suki (which literally means “like”) can be used to mean anything along the scale between “errrr… I kinda like you, will you go out with me?” to “I’m, like, crazily in love with you, kiss me in the rain and marry me”.



There’s quite a gap between those two ideas (especially if your life isn’t the plot of a film), but what Japan does have, however, is generations of people who grew up watching English movies and therefore, when they get an English-speaking partner, think it’d be a great idea and really romantic to declare “I love you!” the second or third time they meet. Unfortunately, this seems to have the opposite effect, scaring the guy to death. As a non-panic-inducing alternative, Madame Riri suggests a simple “I like you”, or to specifically praise what it is you like about your man.

▼ I really like the way you multi-task…



3) They don’t shave their body hair

Madame Riri has found a bunch of indignant foreign men who apparently see some kind of contradiction in girls who take a lot of care with their clothes and makeup but don’t shave, er, “down there”:

“The first time I slept with a Japanese girl, I was speechless! I thought Japanese girls were supposed to be neat and tidy, but she had a full-on treasure trail!”

“It’s kind of amazing to me that they don’t do anything about the hair down there.”

▼ Japanese word of the day: “andaahea” (from English “under-hair”). 1


So, to recap, we have learned that as a Japanese girl with a foreign boyfriend, you should:

1) Resist the temptation to play games
2) Say “I like you”, not “I love you”
3) Shave off all your hair except the stuff on your head. (Unless you mess up on numbers 1 or 2 and need to repent.)

Alternatively, you could quit worrying about how to stop your man running away, and trust that if he’s a gud’un, he might just like you for who you are.

Source: Madame Riri