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On May 28 at a McDonald’s restaurant in China, six members of an alleged religious cult attacked and beat to death a 37-year-old woman after she refused to give them her phone number. The incident was caught on security cameras and filmed by fellow diners as they fled, but no one attempted to intervene.

The woman, who has been named as Wu Ting and is believed to have been a mother of one, allegedly refused to give her phone number to six members of an extreme religious group as they attempted to recruit her at the fast food restaurant in Zhaoyuan, China.

Seconds later, one of the group members hit the woman across the head with a mop before repeatedly striking her with such force that the handle broke.

Fellow diners at the fast food restaurant fled the scene as the remaining cult members started kicking the woman. It was only after the six people exited the restaurant, leaving the woman lying in a pool of her own blood, that they were apprehended by police.

Following the attack a number of details have become clear, with several news agencies reporting that four of the people involved in the incident were in fact from the same family, writing that a father, son, and two daughters all took part in the attack. All but one of the group members present, who is under the age of legal responsibility and will therefore be dealt with separately, are currently being detained.

The individuals are thought to belong to a group known as known as Quanneng Shen, or “Church of Almighty God”, which was banned in 1995 for its extreme views and twisted readings of the Christian Bible. The same group also claimed that the world would come to an end in 2012, but continues to recruit regardless.

Footage of the incident, caught on in-store security cameras and by others present in the restaurant at the time, has since appeared on news reports and has been shared on YouTube. We should warn you, however, that some readers will find the images disturbing.

Source: MSN Sankei News, The Independent, The Mirror
Feature image: YouTube