Husband admits to charges and throws self on the mercy of the court.

On 21 May, Oita District Court opened the trial of a 44-year-old man who stands accused of confining and assaulting his 36-year-old wife in the their Enokuma-area apartment after he learned that she had been sabotaging his attempts to become a YouTuber for over half a year.

Prior to the incident, the man began posting videos highlighting some of Oita City’s restaurants and sightseeing spots and collecting revenue from the number of views he got on YouTube. However, in addition to clicks, he was also getting several offensive and negative comments such as, “idiot” and “baldy.”

▼ We were unable to find any of the suspect’s videos, but searching had revealed a distinct lack of interesting Oita-exclusive video channels

In March of this year, he learned that it was his own wife who was typing the insults and found out that she had asked acquaintances to leave offensive comments as well. Enraged by the discovery, the man bound his wife’s arms and legs with whatever he could find, such as tape.

He then allegedly kicked her in the face, causing injuries that lasted up to a month. During the trial the man admitted to the attack and both sides rested their cases that same day, with the prosecution requesting a three-year prison sentence.

The ruling in this case is due on 6 June, and online commenters have had the following to say about the matter:

“What she did was bad, but she didn’t deserve that.”
“At least he got comments. I can’t get any on my videos.”
“Looks like baldy’s going to prison.”
“He wants to be a YouTuber…and he’s 44?”
“Clearly the wife was trying to steer him towards a regular job. But there are better ways of doing that.”
“Baldy has a short fuse.”
“I’ve come to learn that anyone who identifies themselves as a YouTuber should be dealt with very delicately. They tend to be live wires.”
“Surely calling someone ‘baldy’ in public is a form of abuse too.”
“Since when does being bald prohibit one from being a YouTuber?”
“I can’t tell if this marriage is a disaster, or if these two were made for each other.”
“Isn’t she also guilty of defamation?”
“I figured it was common sense that if I call anyone ‘baldy’ they will attack me.”
“This is just sad.”

One thing is for certain: It’s an understatement to say that this marriage is in trouble.

Hopefully anyone else planning a daring career change to YouTubing, influencing, or blogging will follow the lead of some of our own writers and find partners who, through healthy communication, are decidedly open-minded and accepting of a job promoting local poop museums online. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Source: Nishinippon Shimbun, Golden Times
Top image: Pakutaso
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