18-year-old man stabbed to death for protesting a car blasting loud music in Kamakura

Police are searching for the whereabouts of three men who fled the murder scene by car.

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Middle-aged Tokyo man, escorted by his mother, confesses to killing elderly homeless woman

A sad tale of a homeless person being punished for taking up space. 

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Japan finalizes life imprisonment sentence for Shinkansen murderer

Man who slashed random bullet train passengers cheered as his sentence was handed down.

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Dead body of college girl found inside refrigerator at Japanese sweet store in Tokyo

More like something out of a horror manga than real life.

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50-year-old otaku murders father who criticized his anime and game hobbies

76-year-old victim fought off first attempt on his life, succumbed to second.

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Shinkansen stabbing suspect tells police he will commit another crime if released from prison

Police treating attack that left one dead, two injured as premeditated.

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Japanese politician apologizes for saying serial killer was “heavily influenced by anime”

House of Councilors member made comment following discovery of nine dismembered bodies.

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Headless corpse found floating in Osaka harbor

Mysterious detail about victim’s clothing has police thinking foul play may be involved.

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Fear and murder plague Western Japan golf courses over a checkbox on application forms

A handful of golf courses in Fukuoka Prefecture have refused to add a certain checkbox to their applications for fear of their lives.

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Magazine illegally publishes name and photo of underage ISIS-inspired killer: “[It] was justified.”

We’re fairly sure the majority of our readers remember the story the we published earlier this week about an apparently ISIS-inspired gang that killed schoolboy Ryota Uemura and threatened to upload the footage for all to see. Perhaps as you were reading that article you were wondering why there were no pictures of the high schoolers who were arrested for the brutal murder. Well, the reason is because according to Japanese law, it is illegal to release the names and photos of minors arrested for crimes.

But one Japanese magazine, Shukan Shincho, seemingly didn’t care about the law in this case as they published the real name and photographs of one of the boys arrested regardless, stating that doing so was “justified” on this occasion.

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ISIS-inspired gang kills middle school boy: “We’ll cut off your head while you’re still alive!”

On Friday, February 20, the body of Ryota Uemura, a first-year middle school student in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, was found along the Tamagawa river with multiple stab wounds. It is believed that he was first beaten by a group of high school students, tied up, then stabbed repeatedly in the face, arms, and neck until he died of hemorrhagic shock.

One of the three high school boys who have been arrested recently proclaimed himself and the rest of his “team” as the “Kawasaki State,” following the same naming pattern as the terrorist organization ISIS/IS “Islamic State.”

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26-year-old arrested for murdering elderly woman admits to second murder

Last week, a 26-year-old who was arrested last year for murder was charged in another killing, both of which targeted elderly people. He was apparently broke and owed a significant amount of money as a result of billings for online games..

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19-year-old youth stabs parents; mother dies

Police in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture, on Tuesday arrested a 19-year-old youth after he stabbed his parents at their home. The suspect’s mother later died of her wounds.

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Woman murdered by “cult” at fast food restaurant in China after refusing to give her phone number

On May 28 at a McDonald’s restaurant in China, six members of an alleged religious cult attacked and beat to death a 37-year-old woman after she refused to give them her phone number. The incident was caught on security cameras and filmed by fellow diners as they fled, but no one attempted to intervene.

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Security camera catches a Chinese man trying to murder his girlfriend by shoving her down a manhole

A CCTV security camera in Haikou, China captured what looks like a man shoving a woman down a manhole then covering up the spot with cardboard. The incident happened in mid-December but the video is making its way around the Internet right now.

The pair reportedly had a relationship and the man owed her $20,000.

The woman was rescued 60 hours later when she was heard crying for help. The manhole was three meters deep, according to TomoNews. The woman tried to make a ladder out of clothes but it didn’t work.

“I did not sleep at all the first night I fell in the manhole,” the woman, Guo, was quoted as saying. “I could see the darkness around me. I thought that I would not be choked to death if I looked up.”

Here’s the video of what appears to be attempted murder and of the rescue.

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President of Ohsho gyoza restaurant chain found dead in front of headquarters

Gyoza no Ohsho (King of Gyoza) is a major chain of restaurants in Japan that serves various Chinese style dishes most notable of which are the Chinese dumplings called gyoza in Japan.

Their headquarters, located in Yamashina, Kyoto, became the site of an apparent homicide when Ohsho President Takayuki Ohigashi’s body was found after being shot three times.

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Six more arrested following murder of 16-year-old girl in Hiroshima Prefecture

On Wednesday, we brought you news of a horrific murder that occurred in Hiroshima involving a 16-year-old girl who allegedly beat and strangled an ex-classmate to death in the mountains, hiding the body there. Since both of the girls were too young to have driver’s licenses and suspicious messages were found on the alleged murderer’s smartphone, police suspected that there was another person involved.

Police have now revealed that not one but six more people have been arrested.

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16-year-old girl confesses to murdering friend, body found in mountains

A shocking murder case has come to light in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, involving at least two high school girls–one of whom was the victim–and the communication smartphone app Line.

The body of the 16-year-old high school girl was found in the mountains outside of Kure City on July 13, after an ex-classmate was taken by her family to the police to confess.

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“Someone is dead in your room” phone call triggers Osaka’s eeriest dead body incident

Police in Sakai City, Osaka are currently investigating a 46-year-old man found hanged in an public housing complex apartment that wasn’t his. The actual owner, a 21-year-old man, has since disappeared. This strange story all started when the young tenant received a phone call from an unidentified man speaking in a Tokyo area dialect that said “someone is dead in your room.”

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Anti-stalking laws in Japan get tougher, excessive emailing now considered harassment

Having already been deliberated by the upper house, an amendment to Japan’s anti-stalking law was passed by the lower house during the current Diet session on the afternoon of the 26th. The revised law adds repeated emails to the list of behaviors deemed harassing that was originally laid out in 2000, and also includes repeated calling, faxing and lying in wait. Lawmakers submitted the bill in response to an actual stalking incident that resulted in the victim’s death.

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