Man shoots fireworks through crowd at Shibuya Scramble Crossing 【Video】

It’s amazing no one was hurt during the unexpected fireworks display.

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5 shocking changes at Tokyo Disney parks since we visited two years ago

The most important takeaways: plan well, and don’t forget to bring your smartphone.

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Does the Shibuya Scramble Crossing overwhelm even Tokyo natives? We asked our reporters

No matter how long you’ve been in Tokyo, you’ve got to admit it is a lot of people.

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Net users floored by third-grader in Osaka who created and distributed a computer virus

The kid claims he did it “to surprise his friends.”

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Japanese magician’s cutting-edge performance stuns judges on Britain’s Got Talent 【Video】

Mmm! That looks like a delicious double-edge razor blade.

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Disney’s Donald Duck gets a big surprise over what’s being served at the all-you-can-eat buffet

Nothing could prepare him for this shock à l’orange.

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Japanese shopper finds the freshest sliced eel ever in a supermarket…with its heart still beating

When it comes to fish and eel meat, “fresh” is the favorite for pretty much anyone. But how fresh is “too fresh?” Well, how do you feel about buying eel with a beating heart?!

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Shocking, snowy commercial is the saddest ad we’ve seen this fall

Last year, we found terror in an unlikely place: a tire commercial. Wheel and tire retailer Autoway, in an effort to remind us all about changing to winter tires before driving down snowy roads, reminded us all that “Winter roads are scary,” especially when they’re haunted.

Now, Autoway is back with a new ad, and while it doesn’t deliver the fright of last year’s video, it’s no less shocking.

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Woman murdered by “cult” at fast food restaurant in China after refusing to give her phone number

On May 28 at a McDonald’s restaurant in China, six members of an alleged religious cult attacked and beat to death a 37-year-old woman after she refused to give them her phone number. The incident was caught on security cameras and filmed by fellow diners as they fled, but no one attempted to intervene.

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After seeing this panda, men will finally understand why women wear so much makeup

The power of makeup is both awe-inspiring and downright terrifying. With the swipe of a single brush, people can transform themselves into completely different beings (just take a look at Ukraine’s real-life Barbie when she’s not wearing makeup). After you get used to someone wearing makeup all the time, it can even be a shock to see that person bare-faced.

Take this panda, for instance. On the left you see a typically adorable panda. On the right, well, we’ve got an image of what a panda would look like without any of its trademark “eye makeup.” And boy, what a difference it makes!

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This massive ball of fur is the cat-of-the-moment on Twitter in Japan!【Photos】

It’s an indisputable fact that the Internet loves cats. But does the Internet love fat cats too? The answer is yes! Japanese netizens have been amazed and smitten by Kintoki, possibly the biggest house cat we’ve ever seen on Twitter. Check out this larger-than-life kitty!

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South Korea busts smugglers for “diet pills” containing human flesh

Back in 2011, news reports that Chinese-made “health supplements” contained ground-up corpses of babies and fetuses shocked the world. Unfortunately, this macabre story continues as some of the so-called “human flesh capsules” have made their way into South Korea again. Even though there has been a heavy crackdown on these kind of black market “medicine,” Korean authorities arrested two Chinese men last month for smuggling the gruesome pills and then reselling them as “diet supplements.”

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Teacher beats student over flippant comment, only loses 1/10 of salary

We can almost, kind of, maybe a little bit, understand why some teachers get angry enough to hit their students. When thinking about high school, there are enough cringe-worthy moments of complete jerkery where one wouldn’t blame a teacher for reaching out and slapping certain students across the mouth.

That’s not to say that such behavior is acceptable, of course! Only that, in some cases, maybe we can kind of get how infuriating students can be.

This is not one of those cases.

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Japanese police kendo: Not for the faint of heart

While kendo is an inherently violent sport–after all it’s basically the Japanese version of fencing–the general perception is that it’s more about calm, carefully-coordinated attacks than all-out aggression. In fact, kendo very strictly adheres to etiquette and respect, with competitors generally expected to act with the utmost sportsmanship.

Unless you happen to be a cop.

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“I want to kill them!” Shocking Video of Young Japanese Girl Giving Anti-Korean Speech Appears Online

In a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday, a young Japanese girl gives a harrowing speech on the streets of Tsuruhashi, Osaka, in which she openly expresses her hatred of Koreans. Amid cheers of support from members of her own group, the girl goes on to state her desire to kill the “piece of crap” Koreans living in the area, threatening a repeat of the Nanking Massacre in response to the Koreans’ “arrogance”.

The full, shocking video after the jump.

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