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So, you’re at a party and having a great time. The girl/guy you’ve had a crush on since you walked in seems to be really into you, the drinks are flowing, and the host is cool. But then you realise you have to poop. Like, really bad.

You excuse yourself, get to the bathroom and do your business only to find that the party’s all-you-can-eat Indian curry and Taco Bell buffet was a little more than your body could handle. Now you’ve got 11 inches of stagnant water staring you down and the romantic interest you were hitting on is knocking on the door saying she’s next in line to pee.

Do you: A) reach for the nearby plunger, B) exit the bathroom complaining loudly about the mess that “someone” left, C) escape through the nearest window, or D) use one of these patented South Korean toilet seals to clean up the whole mess?

In this age of Internet lifehacks, our first instinct is to look at this invention and go: “OMG! It’s so convenient and hassle-free!”

But upon further examination, this invention starts to fall apart.

Firstly, why does the demonstration video have to gross us out by making the prop water poop-colored when they could have easily just used regular water? Secondly (and more importantly) how is this any easier or more convenient than just grabbing a plunger?

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Take yourself through it: Yeah, this poo seal might be more sanitary than a standard plunger, but seriously, it is obviously way more work. Plunger: Two or three pumps and you’re done. This? You have to unwrap it, set it up, unwrap it some more, then give the damn thing CPR until the clog is taken care of. And are you expected to carry one of these around just in case?

Most damningly, poop is gross and the noble plunger allows you to take care of a clog with minimal fuss. This, on the other hand, makes the whole ordeal a thing that not only involves considerable time investment but your whole entire body hovering precipitously over a toilet bog. Really, after the whole “lifehack” charm wears off, which would you choose?

Source: BroBible