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How to defeat mosquitoes using a chemical-free, super-cheap cleaning product

With mosquito season here, Japanese Twitter learns a quick and easy way to deal with the pests.

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Cosplay catastrophe countermeasure: How to keep your makeup nice at a sweaty anime convention

Many fans say anime isn’t for little kids, but this cosplay solution makes use of something that is.

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Keep cockroaches at bay with Japanese bug-hater’s clever, non-chemical idea

Home-made “bombs” aren’t lethal, let you swap insect invaders for a pleasant smell.

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When they’re done holding your keys, let your anime keychains start a second career decorating your home.

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Clever trick fights soy sauce stains, is a godsend for people clumsy with chopsticks 【Video】

Method involves no chemical cleaners, one household appliance.

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This 100 yen store doggy brush perfectly revives scruffy plushies!

Bad fur day? Japan’s 100 yen store Daiso has the solution!

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Life hack from Japan unveils a clever way to display anime figurines

Keep your figurines dust-free and set up in beautiful environments with this easy idea from Japan!

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Fix wet pages in notebooks with this simple lifehack from Japan!

All it takes are two quick and easy steps to make wet notebooks look brand new again.

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DIY Pokémon Go lifehack from Japan: Hands free “Poké-Han” device gets a rainy day edition

Having trouble playing the game with one hand holding onto your umbrella? Now we’ll show you how to stay dry while keeping both hands free for catching Pokémon!

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DIY Pokémon Go lifehack from Japan: rest tired arms with creative hands-free “Poké-Han” device

Arms tired from holding your smartphone in front of you all day? We’ll show you how to make this ingenious “Poké-Han mobile gaming accessory!

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Get rid of cockroaches easily with clever Japanese lifehack

Become a fearless pest disposer with this incredibly effective three-step hack requiring just two utensils.

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Life hack for living in Japan: How to painlessly remove the wrapper from a pack of natto

This simple little trick could be a life-changer if you’re a fan of natto.

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Clever cooking hack shows how easy it is to make sushi with an ice cube tray

This is the fastest and easiest way to make sushi we’ve ever seen.

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Japanese Twitter spills secret on how to draw perfect feet: Use an 8, some 6s, and an 11

Never fear drawing a human foot again with this handy trick.

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Say sayonara to the hideous water stains on your wooden table with this easy trick!

If you like it put a ring on it…unless it’s a water ring on a wooden table. We all know how ugly water stains look on wooden tables, and the worst part is, they’re a pain to remove! But thankfully, with this nifty trick, you’ll probably be able to remove those pesky water rings more easily than some of the rings you put on the people things you like.

Want to get rid of the water stains on your wooden surface? Read on!

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Daiso’s new hair-drying glove is set to revolutionize the way we dry hair

Good things come in small packages, right?

The new “hair-drying glove” (ヘアドライ手袋) being sold at Japan’s Daiso chain of 100-yen shops is currently plastered everywhere on Japanese social media, and for good reason–it’s a simple but extremely effective and convenient way to dry your hair!

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Japanese Twitter user uses cute drawings to teach us some cool lifehacks

Who doesn’t love lifehacks? These simple outside-the-box tips have the potential of making your life exponentially better. Need a new wallet? Use a Starbucks bag. Have sink slime? We’ve got you covered.

One Japanese Twitter user has recently gained a lot of attention from some cute drawings she posted informing her followers of a few cool and creative tricks for beauty and health.

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Top tip for saving money in Japan: visit the supermarket just before closing time

Today we’re going to tell you a super special tip for getting the most out of your local supermarket here in Japan. It’s actually something pretty simple, but that you might not know about if you always go during the day.

You see, you should totally go to the supermarket just before closing time. Why? Because when it gets close to closing time they start to discount their food! 

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New nail art technique produces beautiful nails, sticky abominations in equal measure

Painting your own nails can be a stressful affair fraught with frustration – nail polish is actually a pretty difficult medium to work with, and a steady hand is required to end up with finished nails that don’t resemble those of a two-year-old who spent the afternoon finger painting. This new “water marble” technique promises to help even sausage-fingered ladies achieve gorgeous nails simply by dipping their digits into a bowl of water and nail polish.

But does this supposed nail hack even work?

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Can’t find your glasses? Bust out your smart phone’s camera and see clearly!

Those of us without 20/20 vision suffer from a catch-22 that can be extremely aggravating: If you can’t find your glasses, you can’t see, but if you can’t see, you can’t find your glasses. How many collective hours have we all spent searching for those pesky frames? Damn you, ocular deficiencies!

But our days of squinting to see and blindly feeling around to find our glasses are over, my friends! We all have Japanese Twitter user @zzzdecozzz to thank for this incredibly simple, yet genius idea: Use your smartphone’s camera as a magnifying glass.

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