YouTube has really established itself as an invaluable resource for the information age. Through a simple search you can learn how to play the solos from Freebird, tie a windsor knot, get infinite 1-ups in Super Mario, and so much more.

Of course there are plenty of clips that teach us how to fight as well. But even with the convenience of streaming videos, learning a martial art takes patience and training. Actually it did until now. A new video by Ameri-Do-Te Master Ken has consolidated everything you need to know to win a fight in one video: 100 Ways to Attack the Groin.

It should be no surprise that the most surefire way to disable a male opponent is a swift strike to the groin. But many of us aren’t aware of the various options in executing this maneuver such as hitting the groin with a guitar or somersault kick. Let’s take a look.

By now you might be thinking “Hey, I didn’t count 100 ways.” Well, Ameri-Do-Te scrolls teach that you don’t win fights by counting stuff so knock it off. Worldwide reaction to the video was largely thankful and positive.

“This video is so far my favorite of YouTube video of 2014. Possibly 2013 too.”
“This video is now mandatory study material for all white belts at my academy.”
“Another great lesson from Master Ken and his infinite wisdom.”

Viewers in Japan, however, seemed to have a different take on Master Ken’s demonstrations.

“His face looks gay.”
“Is this a homo S&M video?”

Well, cultural differences are bound to occur, but with time the country will learn that Ameri-Do-Te is not “gay,” it’s just super manly. It’s manlier than a room full of men. You know, a bunch of guys just talking and getting to know one another better… Sharing secrets and stuff.

We’ll leave you with one more instructional video by Master Ken entitled How to Kick a Man When He’s Down. We hope that you also tune into his YouTube Channel for more videos that are not only fun and informative – they may one day save your life!

Source: YouTube – EnterTheDojoShow via Kotaro269 (Japanese)