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Super Mario Bros., the classic Nintendo game that spawned dozens of sequels and introduced millions of people to video games, has been around for some 29 years now. In that time, along with discovering every secret the game has to offer and performing dazzling speed runs, players the world over have hunted for increasingly creative and complex ways to rack up stacks of extra lives by “juggling” shelled enemies until the timer runs out.

There are a number of “infinite lives” secrets that we’re already aware of, but just last week a new video appeared online showing one that appears to be not just brand new, but one of the most complicated 1-up discoveries yet.

This version of getting infinite lives is complicated, precise and requires the skills of not only our champion Mario, but his slender brother Luigi.

The adventure begins from World 1-1. The heroic Mario makes his way through the first level and emerges from the pipe at World 1-2. His life is then sacrificed for the greater good (infinite lives) on the first enemies he faces.

infinite 1

Luigi’s turn comes up next, and he uses a warp pipe trick in 1-2 to go to World 5.

infinite 2

He makes it through to 5-2, where he causes the beanstalk to grow. He slowly climbs part way up but purposefully sacrifices himself to the hammer from a hammer brother.

infinite 3

At this point, we go back to Mario where…a beanstalk sprouts in front of him?!? It looks to be the magical beanstalk from level 5-2, magically linked to level 1-2. It’s with this beanstalk that the infinite lives trick begins!

infinite 5

Mario scoots up and down on the beanstalk bouncing the beetle shells beneath him and racking up the lives until time runs out.

infinite 6
How does someone come up with a play like that?!? Surely there’s some trickery at work here? Either way, kudos to Games Haya for finding a new way to show how much better he is at Super Mario Bros. than the rest of us.

Source: My Games News Flash
Images and Video: YouTube (Games Haya), YouTube (SomeGuy712x)