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Although Mario is occasionally seen riding atop his faithful dinosaur companion Yoshi, and Mercedes-Benz recently hooked him up with a pretty sweet ride, Nintendo’s biggest hero has spent most of his adventures on foot. Even after three decades of running and jumping, though, Mario always seems up for the latest physical challenge life throws at him.

He must have some pretty comfortable shoes, and now thanks to Converse, you can try on a pair of Mario kicks for yourself.

Just as Nike’s swoosh is immediately recognizable, in the world of footwear the star is associated with Converse. The icon is so iconic that Converse even makes a model called the One Star.

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Of course, in the video game realm when most people see a star it brings back fond memories of grabbing one to turn invincible in Super Mario Bros. Recognizing the symbol’s cross-promotional potential, Converse and Nintendo have teamed up to create the Super Mario Bros. One Star.

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The special model will go on sale in late August in Japan for the price of 20,000 yen (US$196). Aside from having a facial expression on the Converse star(man), they come in Mario’s trademark hue of red, and also feature the plumber himself on the tongue, although surprisingly in non-powered up form.

▼ Maybe the picture changes if you step on a mushroom?

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Even though he gets top-billing, Mario isn’t the only beloved character in the franchise, however. That’s why there’s another pair of One Stars paying tribute to another important figure from the series, and of course they’re green.

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After all, you can’t have the Super Mario Bros. without…

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Wow, Nintendo wasn’t kidding when they said its Year of Luigi was over. With treatment like this, we can sort of see why the guy’s eyes are cold as ice in Mario Kart 8.

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