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When you think of Japan, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps, it’s “sushi”, the delicious combination of rice and various aquatic delicacies. Or maybe you think of “ninja”, those fierce warriors of the past that devastated more than a few rulers in their prime. Of course, it might be “anime”. After all, many people become interested in Japan because they want to see and know more about these big-eyed animated characters. If you thought of any of those words, you have to check out the newest anime from Daisuki TV, titled Sushi Ninja!

It’s a show that doesn’t look like any anime you’ve seen recently. The characters are odd, the story is eccentric and even the art looks like something more out of a Pixar movie than a Japanese anime.  But the explanation for the story is priceless.

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Such an odd project surely would have to scrape the bottom of the barrel in terms of voice talent, right? Well, you might be surprised by the all-star line-up of voice actors they already have participating!

Ikura (salmon roe): Yuki Kaji (Attack on Titan’s Eren Jaeger)
Maguro (tuna): Romi Park (Fullmetal Alchemist’s Edward Elric)
Tamago (egg): Mamoru Miyano (Death Note’s Light Yagami)
Princess: Nana Mizuki (Naruto’s Hinata Hyuga)

They are being voiced by some really well-known voice actors! Plus, they are extremely excited about it! But…why?!?!

▼Obviously these fantastic characters have them hooked!

sushi ninja

Part of the reason is because this is an anime project that the fans can freely take part in and create, along with the makers of the show. This entire anime is being released as Creative Commons content, making its characters and world free to change, rearrange, and use for personal purposes without any penalty or copyright lawyers coming after you. The creators are even taking submissions for original sushi characters that may eventually appear on the show!

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Episode one premiered at Anime Expo in California and has since been made available for everyone to watch thanks to Daisuki TV. Japanese people agree that this show is funny and entertaining:

“Hahaha…what is this ‘Sushi Ninja’?! Hahaha it’s so surreal that a CG anime has these well-known voice actors! But now I’m into it!”

“It’s like American animation, so it’s kinda interesting!”

“What is this?!? It’s cool!”

“Better than I expected!”

The first episode may feel a bit short, but the setting, personality of the characters as well as the villainous baddies have all made an appearance. (NACHOOOOOS!!!) Keep checking the YouTube channel to get the latest episodes of your new favorite ninja heroes!

▼Attack on Titan? Psssh, nothing can beat Nacho Snake!

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▼We’re hooked!

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Source: Daisuki via Kinisoku
Images: Daisuki, YouTube