We all love cats–this is the ironclad law of the Internet: Love the kitties or go home! While there might be some curmudgeons who aren’t fans of LOLcats or the numerous whiskered faces that populate the pages of the Internet, you can believe that we are big fans. Nevertheless, we have to admit that we’re not impervious to cat claws–and while rubbing a kitten’s belly is a nigh-spiritual experience, we have had our share of mishaps. If only there were a way to completely and utterly subdue and “open up” a cat…

Well, there is and you can learn how in this simple and cute YouTube video! All you need is a patient cat to practice on and a free afternoon.

▼And maybe some lightning reflexes to escape an annoyed kitty when it doesn’t work…


A video, uploaded by Japanese YouTuber NT Daikoku, shows how to “open up a cat,” punning off the phrase “sakana no hiraki,” which refers to the actual act of slicing open fish. Fortunately, no knives are needed here! NT Daikoku is simply showing how he got his feline friend Moko to fall asleep belly up and stretched out with just a few seconds of petting.

And in case you’re a bit confused, the video’s English title seems to be a mistranslation–no openings were actually made in Moko!

▼Though someone has carved a Moko-shaped hole into our hearts.

That is one relaxed looking cat. We’re used to seeing our favorite kitties fast asleep or sprawled out in a warm sun beam, but you rarely see a cat this completely at ease!

▼You almost want to tickle him–until you remember those claws…


NT Daikoku has four more videos of his adorable cat Moko on YouTube, and you can watch them all in the video player below. Just hit play, and it will cycle through them for you!

Internet users loved the video, and some are even claiming success after mimicking NT Daikoku.

“This is a brilliant technique. I tried it yesterday and it was as if my cat had been hypnotized!”

“This is less ‘opening up’ and more like ‘drying in the sun!’ But either way it’s amazing; the cat completely trusts you!”

“You got him to be so docile! Maybe he was passed out asleep? Still, that expression when he looks this was at the end was priceless!”

“At the end, it was like he was saying, ‘Noooo, this is so embarrassing!'”

” After this, I wouldn’t be surprised even if he woke up and started walking around on his hind legs.”

Try this with your house cat (if they’re obliging, of course!) and see if you can get it to let its defenses all the way down. Though if it doesn’t work and you end up with more scratches than skin, don’t blame us!

Sources: YouTube, Kotaro
Images: YouTube