The new year may have already begun according to the calendar, but it hasn’t really started until you see this video!

We’ve encountered YouTube channel 10 Cats several times before, most recently when one of the adorable felines decided to celebrate the new year by cosplaying as monkey. Though, we have to admit, we might have found the actual monkeys even cuter than the cosplaying kitty.

But there’s a chance for the cats to win our hearts back thanks to this video from 10 Cats spelling out “Happy New 2016” with nothing more than hungry kitties!

Yeah, we know it’s been 2016 for almost two weeks now, but who can complain about a cat video? No one, obviously! But if it does rankle your sense of time, just consider Neil deGrasse Tyson’s words of wisdom and imagine that the new year starts today! That’s what we in the business call a “lifehack,” because, honestly, we have no idea what a lifehack is. It sure does sound cool, though!

▼ Life? Hacked!

But the really amazing thing here is how well 10 Cats (the YouTuber) was able to get the 10 cats (the felines) to actually spell out the words the way they were supposed to! We can only imagine the patience it must have required!

But at least we can actually see the cats. Imagine trying this with invisible dogs!

Featured image: YouTube/10 Cats

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