While there’s nothing quite like a dip in the ocean on a hot summer day, this man’s quick swim-turned missing person’s case will serve as a great reminder why you should always be careful in Mother Nature’s swimming pool.

Earlier this week, a 29-year-old man from the city of Kobe was enjoying some sea-side bathing with his friends when a strong wind came, sweeping him far from the coast. His friends acted quickly, called the local police and a search ensued for 20 hours until the missing man turned up on a beach 40 kilometers to the south thanks to an incredibly lucky discovery.

According to the media reports, the man was last seen on the afternoon of July 29 swimming with his four friends who were all attempting to reach a small island about 800 meters from Shiofuki park in Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture. All of a sudden, a strong wind came and dragged the man farther and farther away from the group until he seemingly vanished.

The search for the missing man continued until the next morning when he was found on a beach about 40 kilometers (24 miles) to the south in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Fortunately for him, the man had discovered a floating lifebelt at some point during his 20-hour journey and managed to hold on to it throughout the night after he’d become too tired to keep himself afloat.

The man reportedly walked away from the experience without any life-threatening injuries, and even had enough strength left at the end of his ordeal to swim to shore by himself.

▼ While visiting the beautiful beaches of Ito, how about a leisurely 40-kilometer swim south to Shimoda?

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Japanese net users were blown away by both the man’s incredible luck and superhuman-like endurance. And since this water probably doesn’t have the luminous qualities of some Chinese beaches, many commented that the prospect of being all alone in the dark water, clutching onto a measly styrofoam ring for survival made them shiver with fear.

Luckily, this man’s 20-hour adventure as a missing person ended well, though it may be a while until he swims too far from the shore again. But remember, you can’t always rely on some serendipitous lifebelt to be around when you’re lost at sea, so make sure you practice your freestyle if you plan on straying from the shore when swimming in the ocean.

Source: Hachimakikou
Feature image: Wikipedia