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Japanese media seems to be run on the principal that adding attractive women to anything makes it better. Commercial for beer? Cast a high-profile actress. Serious news program? Let’s make a former bikini model the co-host. Posters encouraging people to fill out their census forms? We think they’ll be more effective if we use 75 percent of the space for a picture of a girl with a cute smile.

A new TV program seems set to carry this strategy to its illogical conclusion. Instead of enhancing the appeal of something men generally like or feel indifferent towards, broadcaster TV Tokyo’s idea is to create a miniseries that’s nothing but a good-looking girl chewing out the camera.

The program offers exactly what’s implied by its title, I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me. Yoshiki is a popular gurabia, one of Japan’s subset of models that specialize in seductive and suggestive photo shoots that stop short of full nudity. In the series, which airs early Friday mornings in August at 1:53 a.m., Yoshiki is dressed fairly conservatively for her line of work, but makes up for it with some extremely provocative language.

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In the preview producers released to YouTube, from which these images are taken, we see Yoshiki in a variety of outfits and settings, but one thing remains the same. She…

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Each episode lasts just five minutes, but we imagine they feel a lot longer given the amount of fury the model is shown spitting out. The four planned installments will have different themes, in which Yoshiki pulls no punches in showing her disdain for men who dis their subordinates at work by saying they’re part of a lazy generation, don’t listen and put words into others’ mouths, think they’re being cool when trying to pick up a girl at a hostess club, or can’t help leering at girls.

She seems to have a particularly nasty bone to pick with men past their mid 30s, which by Japanese media standards makes them pitifully over the hill. Among the remarks the 27-year-old Yoshiki lets fly:

You’re way too damned old to be getting excited over manga!
Hey, hey, hey! Hello? Is there something wrong with you?
Just knock it the hell off already, ass!
Where the hell are you staring?
You’re in your late 30s! Shouldn’t you start acting like an adult?
Dumbass, listen when people are talking about pancakes!

For many people five minutes of nonstop squirming will be all they get out of I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me. It seems pretty clear that the target audience, though, is happy for the simulated personal attention, as demonstrated by the clip’s closing line, where the exasperated model yells, “I love you guys, dammit!”

▼ Umm, thanks Risa! We think you’re swell too…don’t hurt us, OK?

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Honestly, Yoshiki seems so upset, we’re starting to feel like we should call her and apologize, even though we’ve never met.

Source: Kai-You
Images: YouTube