As someone whose singing voice sounds like a baboon trying to speak English, I am always amazed by people who can just belt out a solo without even a piano to back them up. But I’m doubly impressed when that person is a little kid selling rice cakes on the side of the road!

Captured on a street in the Philippines, this video features a young girl selling rice cakes on the street…and singing with a voice mature beyond her years!

The video originally appeared on Facebook, where it has received over 49,000 shares. And it’s not hard to understand why–despite the cell phone sound quality, background chatter, and what sounds like someone hammering away in the background, this girl’s voice comes through clear and beautiful. There doesn’t seem to be any information about the little songbird, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on a much bigger stage in a few years. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video yourself!

The song the young girl is singing is “Sayang Na Sayang,” by Aegis Band, a Philippine pop rock band.

Though the production is certainly better, I think I still like the little girl’s version the best out of the three. She brings a raw energy to the song that you just can’t capture in a studio.

As it turns out, “Sayang Na Sayang” is apparently a popular song for karaoke–there are tons of videos on YouTube of everyone from little girls to grown men singing the song with all their hearts.

Hmmm, maybe that means we’ll be hearing a BABYMETAL cover sometime soon. Either way, I promise you’ll never have to hear me singing it…unless you sneak into my shower tomorrow morning. The song is thoroughly stuck in my head now!


The original version of this article mistakenly stated that the girl was singing the Manilyn Reyes’s song of the same name, which you can listen to here if you’re interested. Our sincerest apologies for the mistake and a big thank you to the commenters who kindly pointed out the mistake below.

Source: CEnter Tech News, YouTube, Facebook
Images: YouTube