Revolutionary A.I. voice software produces incredible vocals that sound just like a real human

The day when human singers get replaced by A.I. inches that much closer.

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Man gets dumped by girlfriend, sings “Mamma Mia” in post-breakup music video recorded in Kyoto

One of the best ways to deal with the end of a long relationship.

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Blind Filipino girl Elsie stuns with her mature singing voice【Videos】

The young girl with a voice to rival legendary singers has perfected the art of singing in English–a language she doesn’t even speak.  

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How to be a karaoke master: Drop the mic, and pick up a saxophone instead【Video】

College student sets national karaoke quality record by tricking the machine with the sounds of his horn.

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University student’s angelic rendition of Princess Mononoke theme song stuns netizens【Video】

Higher pitched, celestial version of the iconic song soothes the heart and brings tears to eyes.

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Stewardess captivates passengers with vocal performance during flight delay

Who needs in-flight music when you have a songstress for an air stewardess?

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Koikeya snack company has a powerful new singer backing their newest product【Videos】

The new line of potato chips seem great, but who’s the singer behind the power ballad?

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Korean YouTuber is a rising star thanks to her amazing J-pop covers【Video】

Mixing cute looks with an uncanny vocal ability is clearly a recipe for success.

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Three tips to be a better karaoke singer, from a professional singer-songwriter

Drop your books and grab the mic, because it’s time for a lesson in how to up your karaoke game.

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Singing and dancing lessons, too!? An inside-look at a Tokyo voice acting academy

What kind of training do aspiring voice actors undergo before debuting as pros in Japan? We took a trip to a Tokyo voice acting academy to find out!

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You have to listen to this Korean girl’s amazing cover of Adelle’s “Hello”【Video】

Fans of English singer and songwriter Adele were treated to an amazing first song from her new album 25, which is being released on November 20. Titled “Hello”, the song has propelled her back to the forefront of music after a long hiatus and has already broken a number of records.

But Adele isn’t the only one garnering attention because of the moving song. A cover of “Hello” performed by a high school girl in Korea is receiving high praise as it captures the power of the new single in a most humble setting.

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How to do Japanese karaoke the right way: Six tips for newbies, mic hogs and nervous singers

Karaoke in Japan tends to be a little different from in the west, and it comes with its own set of rules and etiquette that it’s a good idea to learn if you want to keep being included in karaoke parties.

Whether it’s your first time ever singing in (semi-)public or you’re a seasoned karaoke veteran back home, these six tips for not being a total karaoke bore will help make your singing sessions super special (and not at all humiliating…).

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Norwegian rocker with insane vocal range covers anime songs and more【Videos】

PelleK is a Norwegian rock and metal singer who doesn’t just limit himself to screaming about death and darkness, and uses his amazing vocal talents to cover anime songs and more, uploading them to YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Check out his awesome voice and performances in the videos below.

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Little girl sings her heart out while selling rice cakes, leaves us blown away 【UPDATED】

As someone whose singing voice sounds like a baboon trying to speak English, I am always amazed by people who can just belt out a solo without even a piano to back them up. But I’m doubly impressed when that person is a little kid selling rice cakes on the side of the road!

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Malaysian girl gets 1.6 million views on YouTube for singing about not being Korean【Video】

Malaysia, like many southeast asian countries, is a melting pot of people of different ethnicities and religions. Of course, there are more and more people working and studying overseas nowadays, so you might think that every other country is in the same situation, but you’ll know you’re in a seriously multinational city when almost every new person you meet asks you “are you local?” (my personal experience as a Singaporean).

To that sort of question, 17-year-old Malaysian YouTuber Joyce Chu proudly answers with her song Malaysia Chabor (chabor means “woman” in the Hokkien dialect), which has garnered over 1.6 million views in slightly more than a week!

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Attack of the clone choir: Stunning cover of Kiki’s Delivery Service theme song 【Video】

Ever find yourself alone in a situation where a cloned version of yourself would really help? Unfortunately, not all of us have access to Kim Jong Un-level technology, but one talented Japanese singer has found a way around that by duplicating himself on video to make a series of pretty creative covers.

Last week, his cover of “Wrapped in Kindness,” the end theme from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service became a huge hit with Japanese netizens who couldn’t get enough of his great voice(s). Click below to see the video where one singer becomes a six-man band!

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Mom gets BIG surprise with help from Nissan 【Video】

Kids do amazing things sometimes. They stun you with their simple creativity and boggle you with questions you never had thought of. Their sensitivity is also to be remarked upon. One little boy though, has shown Japan his amazing sensitivity and thoughtfulness and has given his mother the surprise of a lifetime.

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Beautiful soldier sisters take to the stage to sing for their country

Every year on Chinese New Year, CCTV broadcasts its New Year’s Gala, a singing contest often called the Spring Festival Gala. This year four beautiful women appeared on the show, and you’ll probably be surprised to find out their day job – they’re all in the army. There’s just something about military girls that draws Netizens like moths to a flame, and sure enough they got social media buzzing.

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This Robot’s Got Soul! We Discover an Animatronic Ray Charles Sittin’ on a Bench in Osaka

Japan has made quite a name for itself in the world of high-powered technology. It’s no lie that seeing the words “Made in Japan” stamped on the back side of any camera or other electronic device gives one the immediate impression of superior quality. Why, Japan is so advanced that even their street performers are technological geniuses! No really, imagine our surprise when we heard that a creative craftsman in Osaka developed his own life-size singing robot, the likes of which are rarely found outside of the enclosed passages of Disney’s “Small World” attraction. Brimming with intrigue, we immediately took to the streets of Osaka to find out more about this singing robot and the man who created it. Read More

Japanese Man Arrested For Attempted Extortion of Sex and Songs

In recent years, Japan has been inundated with phone scams like one known as Ore Ore Sagi (“Hey it’s me!” Con).  This involves a young man calling an elderly woman pretending to be her son.  He then claims he was in some kind of trouble and asks her to send money via bank transfer.

In a completely new take on this well-known scam, Shigeyuki Goto was arrested on suspicion of extortion and attempted extortion by phone. However, instead of the typical monetary gain he was hoping his victims could sing him a song.

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