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Who would have thought the world of limbo skating would be so competitive? Also, who would have thought limbo skating was a thing that exists?

Limbo skating is the sport of using old-school roller skates – we presume there’s some kind of rule about them having to be in pastel colors – to project yourself across the ground while staying as low as possible. Sometimes, limbo skaters can squish their bodies down to about the same height as a Coke bottle while bending their ankles at seemingly impossible angles to keep the roller skate’s wheels on the pavement.

So, since we went ahead and told you that limbo skating is a thing, we might as well also tell you that a 6-year-old just broke the previous limbo skating world record by limbo skating under 39 cars like it was nothing.

Here’s video evidence of the daring attempt:

Sure, going under cars is sort of the less exciting antithesis of going over them on a dirt bike or something, but it’s still an impressive feat made all the more impressive by the fact that young Gagan Satish is only six and by the fact that if you were to come up short and grind to a halt underneath the 18th car, that would be terrifying.

It also appears that limbo skating is serious business, with Gagash’s family employing a full time limbo skating trainer who handles Gagash’s limbo skating practice for two hours every day, although based on the above video, the guy mostly just blows a whistle every once in a while – we presume to indicate his own personal hoagie breaks.

Gagash managed to go the 230 feet under the 39 cars in just 29 seconds, which we guess is impressive by limbo skating standards. In other news, I just demolished a meatball sub in under 2 minutes.

Source: Kotaro Blog