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Cigarettes. They’re awful, stinking things that do nothing but make you want more and give you cancer. Yet millions of people continue to smoke, putting their lives even more at risk every time they light up.

But as this video from Indian youth entertainment channel YTV Network shows, when a kid approaches and asks for a cheeky cig, pretty much every smoker will refuse to give them one and immediately starts lecturing them about the dangers of smoking.

It’s a simple idea, and one that we’ve all no doubt seen before in anti-smoking ads from China and Korea, but today’s video really sends home the message that cigarettes are no good for anyone.

Shot with a hidden camera, YTV’s short video follows their young actor, a boy named Prince, as he approaches strangers and tries to bum a smoke. Refreshingly, the vast majority of the smokers refuse, and even when one of the filmmakers steps in to mix things up by offering the kid a cigarette they are quick to lecture the boy on the health risks.

It’s great to see so many responsible smokers out there, but also sad to see them lecture the boy while standing with a cigarette in hand. We do have to commend this gentleman, though, who not only says no to the kid but actually puts his cigarette out there and then. Actions speak louder than words, after all!

▼ “So why are you smoking?”

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Source/images: YouTube- YTV Network