“Otaku” YouTuber confronts Tokyo tough-guy litterers, who’ve got no idea who they’re dealing with

Litterbug smokers aren’t so eager to brawl once they find out they’re picking a fight with a guy who beats people up for a living.

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Hayao Miyazaki eulogizes Isao Takahata, remembers purposely subjecting him to second-hand smoke

One anime legend looks back on 50 years of friendship with another in memorial service held at Studio Ghibli museum.

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Japan’s Ikoma City prohibits using its elevators for 45 minutes after smoking

City Hall refuses to go up in smoke any more.
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Japanese zoo’s “Smoker Enclosure” sign taken down

Visitors now on their own to tell the difference between smokers and koalas.

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Japanese company prohibits employees from smoking on their commute to the office

Ban even forbids smoking in the surrounding neighborhood on weekends and holidays.

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Japanese organization wants stricter regulations against people smoking on their own balconies

Take it inside, says critic of Japan’s “firefly smokers.”

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Tokyo Governor’s party may restrict smoking from private homes and cars with children inside

Smokers and even non-smokers are up in arms over a suggested by-law that many claim “goes too far.”

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Mr. Sato pretends to be a teen to see if he’ll be sold cigarettes

SoraNews24 takes you on a super-serious expose of the dark world of underage smoking.

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Online backlash suggests smokers are becoming less tolerated in Japan

Japan’s nonsmokers hit back against “smoking etiquette”, suggesting the best etiquette would be to quit once and for all.

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Japanese convenience stores starting new anti-smoking measures in preparation for 2020 Olympics

The ashtrays in front of Japanese convenience stores aren’t there for people to smoke around.

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Japanese politician pushing to double price of cigarettes in Japan by start of 2020 Olympics

Proposed tax hike aims to reduce the number of people lighting up before the Olympic flame comes to Tokyo.

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Japanese man astounds Internet by levitating paper cup and cigarette in mid-air【Video】

We’ve watched the clip a dozen times and we still can’t tell how the trick was performed.

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Japanese government mulling indoor smoking ban to be introduced as early as next year

The pallor of smoke that covers so many restaurants and bars in Japan may become a thing of the past.

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Japan’s cigarette culture: elderly ramen customer’s gesture of courtesy goes up in smoke

Japanese smoking culture thwarts elderly gent’s gesture of courtesy in this sad tale from a ramen restaurant.

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Chinese student goes to ridiculous lengths to breathe clean air in dorm full of smokers 【Pics】

When you’re too introverted to ask your roommates to please smoke outside.

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Tokyo curry restaurant refuses to serve any customer with a strong odor

If you’re a smoker or enjoy wrapping yourself in designer fragrances, Kyobashiya Curry’s doors are not open for you.

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Smokers vs. non-smokers: A 50-year health and financial comparison【Video】

We all know that smoking is an unhealthy habit. Each year about 200,000 people in Japan alone die from smoking- (and passive smoking-) related illnesses. On a global scale, about six million die from smoking-related diseases every year.

In an effort to reduce the number of smokers in Japan, Japanese anti-smoking NPO No Smoke holds an annual video contest titled “Tobacco is Harmful to Your Health”, calling for original video submissions that raise awareness of the dangers and harmful effects of smoking.

The first-place winner of the video contest held in 2012 created a movie highlighting the simple differences between smokers and non-smokers in terms of financial cost. As we’re about to see, smoking is not only harmful to your health but a horribly expensive habit.

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Clever bathroom graffiti explains why smoking in the boys’ room is grossly inconsiderate

At my old job, my coworkers and I shared bathrooms with a half-dozen or so other companies that had offices in our building. For the most part, the men’s room stayed relatively clean, but about once a week, I’d walk into one of the stalls and find a pile of cigarette ashes on the floor.

Frankly, it was disgusting and exasperating, especially since the building had a smoking lounge. But hey, I guess the perpetrator who couldn’t resist the self-pleasing siren song of simultaneously taking a puff and a dump didn’t see what the big deal was. Here with a handy explanation, though, is some surprisingly wise Japanese bathroom graffiti.

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Beijing enacts sweeping non-smoking law

You have to hand it to one-party systems. Despite their many flaws, one positive point is that they can get things done quickly. Over the past decade or so, Japan has been gradually reducing the number of public places where smoking is permitted, and raising the price of tobacco in baby steps in an effort to curb the once rampant smoking culture in the country.

In Beijing, meanwhile, from 1 June the entire city has been put on lockdown for smokers. From now on, anyone caught smoking inside any enclosed place of business will be fined. Just like that.

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