Regardless of the country you do it in, teaching can be a tough profession. Tasked with handling and helping to raise humanity’s most valuable resource, our educators must also put up with tight restrictions and even tighter budgets.

It’s a heavy burden and as a result not surprising when a teacher cracks under the stress every once in a while. I’m not saying that is what happened on the morning of 11 May in a classroom in South Korea, but it certainly seems like a plausible explanation of the case of the teacher who swallowed a live hamster in front of their class.

According to a report from Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, the instructor suddenly removed a hamster the class was keeping as a pet from a basket and stuck it in their mouth. After swallowing the still-living rodent, the teacher then began swearing at the students.

The school allegedly attempted to cover up the bizarre incident, so let this be a lesson to all parents out there: Always ask your kids how their day at school went. You’ll never know what you might turn up.

When the unusual lecture came to light, police became involved, and are currently investigating the teacher for , oddly enough, possible child abuse. When approached by authorities the teacher had this to say:

“I love mice. Usually I see mice stepped on and killed by children or abused by them and I think they’ve misjudged the value of life. So this time I gathered my courage and swallowed a live hamster to attempt to convey in a special way the reason that we should cherish animals.”

However, the teacher stopped short of explaining the subsequent verbal lashing that ensued. Instead they issued this statement of remorse.

“Had I known this action would be considered child abuse, I absolutely would not have done it.”

Readers of the news in Japan had this to say about the uniquely simultaneous display of animal rights and animal abuse.

“The Terrifying Snake Teacherrrrrrrr!”
“I can’t even understand that excuse.”
“It’s a wonder they didn’t get terribly sick.”
“Totally crazy.”

Although it’s uncertain that the child abuse charges will stick, it’s safe to say this person’s teaching days are over. However, they might have a future as a GG Allinesque animal rights performance artist somewhere.

Source: Xinhuaxia News via Hosyu Sokuho (Japanese)
Image: Wikipedia – Walkingonthesun (Edited by RocketNews24)
Permission Details: “This is public, I don’t care… It’s a hamster for christ’s sake”