How would fourteen of the world’s most vibrant cities look if you asked an artist to cram everything that represents them into one explosive image? Read on below for all the wonderfully diverse pictures, and see if you can spot the hidden passenger.

German airline Lufthansa has put together a campaign that features images of 14 different destinations they fly to, drawn by artists of each respective country. The title of the campaign is ‘Passengers on tour’ and each image is a ‘hidden object cartoon’ featuring stylized representations of the country’s culture, famous landmarks, animals, and so on.

In the midst of all the business in each image, an airline passenger is hidden, holding a suitcase with the Lufthansa logo and the idea is for you to find them. It’s basically like looking for Wally in the Where’s Wally? series (or Waldo for all you Americans out there). Remember spending hours poring over a particularly packed picture then finally giving up in frustration, only to have his stripey jumper practically jump off the page at you when you come back to it later? Good times.

To start you off, here we have Japan represented in one bright and busy image exploding with movement and bold colors. The picture is crammed with things that represent Japanese culture, from anime characters to folk craft objects like daruma and maneki-neko. How many references do you recognise? And where is that pesky passenger?

▼ Tokyo


▼ Delhi


▼ Dubai


▼ Frankfurt


▼ Hong Kong


▼ Johannesburg


▼ London


▼ Mexico City


▼ Montreal


▼ Moscow


▼ New York City


▼ Paris

Lufthansa Paris FIN wipai

▼ Beijing


▼ Rio de Janeiro


Did you manage to find the Lufthansa passenger in each image?

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: Serviceplan