What do you think the face above is made from? It might look like a carefully carved wooden sculpture but the truth is, it’s not made from wood at all. It’s made from something a lot greener and sweeter; something that once fell to the ground and inspired a man called Isaac. And got two people banished from the Garden of Eden.

Yes, it’s the humble apple, and this year it’s more scary than sweet. Soon you’ll be swapping your pumpkins for apples because this easy-to-create work of art will be the best way to keep people off your porch this Halloween!


The process starts with a few carved lines in an ordinary apple. Create a face and then simply leave it to dry outdoors.


As the apple loses moisture, it takes on a very different texture.


After a week, it begins to look like an ancient artifact excavated from an archaeological site.


The process from moist apple to ancient artifact has Japanese netizens intrigued, with many people heaping praise on the creative idea.


Creative idea or a waste of good fruit? Either way, it’s further proof that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And possibly everybody else too.

Source: Kinisoku