Did you have a childhood sweetheart? In many cases, a childhood sweetheart tends to be a neighbor or schoolmate whom we spend many hours of our glorious juvenile years playing with and, more often than not, drifting apart as we grow up and life takes us to different places.

However, fate is a mysterious thing. If you’re destined for each other, fate will lead you back to each other, even after spending 18 years apart, like this pair of lovebirds!

Zi-heng Wang from Henan Province, China, met his first love when he was six. The girl who triggered the innocent flutter of emotions adults call “puppy love” was the girl who lived next door, Qian-qian. They often played together, and Wang confesses that he used to secretly kiss Qian-qian when they played house. At the tender age of six, he told his mother that he was determined to marry Qian-qian when he grew up.

▼ Zi-heng Wang and Qian-qian when they were kids.

Like many puppy love stories, Wang and Qian-qian lost contact when Wang’s family moved away. The childhood sweethearts went separate ways, but the strings of fate tugged on their pinkies and they ran into each other again after 18 long years. Once again, Wang was smitten by Qian-qian, and he went all out to gain her affection. Now at 24-years-old, the destined couple will be walking down the aisle on September 7 of this year.

▼ They went back to the same bridge to have their wedding photos taken.

What a fairytale-like romance! Perhaps fate doesn’t let down those who are truly determined. Don’t worry if you have yet to find the love of your life, let fate guide the way!

Source/Images: ETToday