From Paris to New York to Tokyo, a city is nothing without its street signs. Leave a place for too long and the special little signifiers we take for granted everyday will make a beeline for our hearts and strike nostalgia in even the most hardened city dweller when we see them again.

If you’ve walked the streets, been on a road trip or taken a license test in Japan, you’ll love this special collection of earrings from the land of the rising sun.

▼ The mini traffic and road signs come in four sets of three, with each pack retailing for 2,400 yen (US$22.51) each.


▼ The blue set contains the crossing sign, a sign for mopeds and a parking sign. 60 minutes parking from 8 – 8 only!


▼ The yellow set includes the driver’s green and yellow learners mark on the right. Wear this one when you’re starting a new job or picking up a new skill!


▼ The red set has the signs for stop, no entry and no passing. Perfect for when you’re in a foul mood and want to be left alone.


▼ The 3-colours set has no stopping and no standing, children crossing, and the learner’s mark. Great for new parents who can’t stand still!


Measuring 15 mm in diameter, the tiny earrings can also double as pins for those who prefer to wear the city on their tote bag. Whether you wear them on your skin or your clothes, this is the easiest way to take a piece of Japan with you, wherever you may go!

Images: Aquvii

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