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Japan is no stranger to earthquakes, meaning every time one occurs, the Japanese Twittersphere is bombarded with photos of the aftermath. There have been some major quakes that were no laughing matter, but usually, the tremors that occur result in nothing more than otaku griping about their toy…sorry, action figure collections getting knocked off the shelves. Japan’s most recent earthquake was centered around Ibaraki Prefecture and came in at a somewhat calm M5.6, delivering a few more photos of fallen treasures. From toppled heads to teetering TP, let’s take a look at some of the most popular photos taken after the earthquake. 

Our first photo is a little scary, showing exactly what an earthquake can do. We feel bad for whoever has to clean all that up.

bookoffTwitter (A_Soak_Young)

This next photo has less of an impact, but shows that things did move around during the tremors:

▼ We love how the center figure is still standing tall, striking her pose.

The students at the beauty school were treated to an extra weird and totally creepy scene:

We’re not sure if this photo is legit, but we hope someone had the foresight to take a photo of their toilet paper tower before the earthquake hit:

And just in case you forgot what you’re supposed to do in the event of an earthquake (after all, it seems everyone is more concerned with snapping the best photo than ducking for cover), here’s a friendly reminder from this cute little hamster:

Stay safe, everyone!

Source: Hamusoku