Ask any group of students why they like a particular class and you’ll probably get a range of sincere-sounding answers professing love of learning and enthusiasm for the subject matter. While those things may well be true, in real life our reasons for making even the most crucial of life decisions aren’t always particularly noble or earnest.

When a beautiful young female teacher named Ms. Du took charge of Japanese language classes at one Chinese university this year, so many students turned up that she had to move to a larger classroom. Now, the stunning sensei at China’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics has even become an internet sensation after photos of her were posted online.

Pictures of Ms. Du were posted online on September 16 and have been attracting enthusiastic attention along the lines of “OMG I’M SO JEALOUS” and “I wanna go to her class!”.

▼ We hope whoever took this photo was paying attention in class!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 20.28.29
▼ It is, of course, totally possible that Ms. Du’s popularity has nothing to do with her appearance.

▼ Totally, definitely, 100% possible.

▼ Here she is hangin’ out with her headphones on:

▼ And ringside at a boxing match (insert “knock-out” joke here).

Well, at least this beautiful lecturer everyone is swooning over is actually a teacher

Source and images: Record China via Gossip sokuhou
Featured image: Gossip sokuhou