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Sometimes, everyday tasks can seem like a bigger challenge than a stage in a retro video game. As the day draws on, you get more and more tired, losing the ability and will to go on. Wouldn’t itbe nice to have some sort of item that could instantly refuel all of the energy that you’ve lost throughout the day? Well, fear not, because CAPCOM has decided to bring the E Tank, one of Megaman‘s most useful and iconic items straight from the year 20XX to the current day in the form of a sports and energy drink.

The can of the drink itself is modeled after the appearance of the original E Tank, which made its first appearance in Megaman 2. Just like the in-game version, CAPCOM hopes that customers will find themselves renewed by the refreshing taste of this sports drink. While the drink itself may only be made up of 1% juice, one of the primary ingredients in the mix is royal jelly, filling it with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for making it through the day.

CAPCOM began distributing this drink with the help of J Dining starting September 13. It has since been put up for sale in Asakusa’s Hanayashiki amusement park. It can also be found in anime goods stores, general stores, webshops, and more. The price will vary based on the seller, but each can contains 280 ml of futuristic energy juice.

Keiji Inafune, the creator of the Megaman series, made an appearance at this year’s Anime Expo. His upcoming game Mighty No. 9, which presents itself as a spiritual successor to Megaman, is set for release next Spring.

[Via Hachima Kikou]

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