This year has already seen the Chinese media go gaga over a beautiful marathon girla beautiful gym babe, a beautiful university student, and a beautiful journalist. At this point, some of you have probably been making bets about who the logical next “beautiful woman” to pop up would be. Did you guess correctly?

Whether you won or lost your bet, check out this gorgeous and stylish yoga instructor who seems to blend in with any setting naturally!

Ms. MU QI MIYA (母其弥雅), a 26-year-old from Yunnan Province, China, has been dubbed “The Most Beautiful Yoga Instructor in Asia” and “The Goddess of Yoga.” It’s not hard to see why. Her good looks and gracefulness have made her recognizable to Chinese citizens and helped popularize yoga in her home country. Incredibly, she looks completely natural in all environments, whether she’s outdoors in front of blooming flowers or dressed stylishly in front of a TV camera.






Do you think the “traditional look” or the “modern look” suits her better?

By the way, if you need something to make you smile today, check out these adorable photos from earlier this month of Laura Kasperzak and her daughter doing yoga poses together. They’re guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

(Sorry to those of you who guessed the identity of the next “beautiful woman” incorrectly. But never fear because it’s probably only a matter of time before the Chinese media finds a “beautiful woman” to fit every occasion – well, maybe except for “beautiful nose-picker”…).

Source/Images: Toychan Net, YouTube