I used to cut my own hair before becoming a big-shot RocketNews24 writer who can now go to the local value cuts for a 1,000 yen (US$9) cut every few months. I’m glad those days are behind me, though, because it was a royal pain.

Generally, I’m not a total klutz when it comes to working a pair of scissors. However, every time I got in front of the mirror and raised the blades to my hair, my coordination would suddenly devolve to that of a one-year-old who forgot which way up was.

I’m sure more experience working in a mirror would fix that, and with enough time I might even get as good as this guy from Kerala who is able to give himself a complete lightning-fast haircut. It’s all here in the video Kerala Got Talent; Indian Barbar Cutting His Own Hair recently posted on YouTube.

In the video we see the unnamed barber working on the back of his own head. There’s something about the angle of his arm and grin on his face that made me swear this was some hoax involving a guy off-camera.

Just then as the camera panned around I could have sworn I caught them red-handed!

But it was just the guy holding the camera.

Although, a nice wide angle would have been more proof, it certainly looks like this barber is truly cutting his own hair more gracefully than I can even brush my own.

After the initial cut, he then goes in with a straight razor fast and accurate enough to make anyone with a healthy fear of sharp objects cringe a little.

Perhaps even more amazing than his cutting ability is that the guy has not even a trace of thinning in that head of hair of his.

Some guys just have all the luck.

Source: YouTube – Sanam Media Live via Toychan Net