Want the Japanese Internet’s favorite hairstylist to transform your hairdo? Here’s how to make an appointment.

Earlier this month our jaws dropped as we watched a Tokyo hairstylist transform a customer who looked like an archetypal geek into someone who wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of a fashion magazine. But while the result look like a major turning point in the life of the customer, for the stylist, who we’ve now identified as Shou Otsuki, it was just another day at work.

As proof, here’s a brand-new video from Otsuki, which once again starts off with a shy-looking young man sitting in the chair. He’s got a pretty nondescript hair style, parted on the side in the manner common to middle-aged salaryman, but only until Otsuki works his magic.

When Otsuki pulls his comb back from the camera’s lens, we see that he’s done it again, changing his client’s droopy look into one that’s stylish and modern. He doesn’t even have to rely on hair dye this time, keeping the customer’s original color and letting his scissors do the work.

This cool haircut even has a cool backstory. The young man getting his haircut saw the same video of Otsuki’s skills that initially blew us away, and sough out the stylist to do the same for him. “I’m happy that thanks to my videos, a few more people know that they can look cool too,” Tweeted Otsuki, and while it’s true that looks aren’t everything, there’s no denying that the smiles on his customers faces show they’ve got more confidence in their looks and themselves after Otsuki cuts their hair.

And if you need even more proof that Otsuki is a miracle worker, here’s yet another of his videos.

Of course, seeing all these satisfied customers might have you wondering what Otsuki could do with your hair, and if so, you’re in luck, because you can easily make an appointment with him online.

Otsuki is one of the staff stylists at L. Dorado, a hair salon in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood. To make an appointment, you’ll first need to go to L. Dorado’s online online reservation page, found here, and click on the central button labeled “Make reservation by staff member,” (スタッフ指名から予約 in Japanese). At the next screen, click on Otsuki’s name, (大槻渉), then “haircut” (カット) on the next screen. Finally, clicking on 決定して次へ (“go to next screen”), found way at the bottom of the page, will bring up a calendar with available openings to choose from.

In his self-introduction, Otsuki says “I’ll offer suggestions based on your requests and desires, so please let me help make you even more beautiful or cool!”

▼ One more of Otsuki’s videos

With prices starting at 6,480 yen (US$59), L. Dorado isn’t a budget barbershop. It’s not especially expensive by Tokyo salon standards, and considering the smiles his customers leave with, it looks like they feel like Otsuki’s haircuts are worth every yen.

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Source: Twitter/@omaturi1002 via Kinisoku
Insert image: L. Dorado