Chinese politician says kung fu movies show why umbrella protesters must be stopped

A lawmaker in Hong Kong who supports the Chinese government reportedly cited Kung Fu movies as a justification for the violent crackdown on the protesters who have become known as the “Umbrella Revolution.”

According to the South China Morning Post, the politician, Leung Che-cheung, told his colleagues on the Hong Kong Legislative Council the umbrellas protesters have been using to block tear gas could be used as an “aggressive weapon” and necessitated a violent response by police officers. To prove his point, Leung cited martial arts movies.

“It is basic common sense that an umbrella can be an aggressive weapon, but many lawmakers are just completely ignorant about history,” Leung said.

Hong Kong police have been battling the anti-government protesters since last month with tear gas, pepper spray, and alleged beatings.

Local news site Passion Times said Leung was specifically referring to movies about Chinese folk hero  and martial artist Wong Fei-hung where he was portrayed fighting enemies with an umbrella.

Wong has appeared in several Kung Fu movies including “Iron Monkey” and “Once Upon A Time” in China where he was played by Jet Li.

View clips of Li and Donnie Yen displaying the umbrella fighting technique in movies about Wong below.