Fast as lightning, those cats were not.

A video has been circulating the internet featuring a street fight somewhere in China according to the title. In it, the two combatants clearly appear to be utilizing Kung Fu techniques, but…uh well, see for yourself.

The two men square off with the bald man taking what looks kind of like a monkey stance and grey-shirted man in a sort of possible mantis position. They circle each other flailing their arms to misdirect where their opening blows will come from.

Then the grey-shirt man attacks with a leaping backhand! He might as well have telegraphed it though, because the bald man easily dodges the thrilling assault.

The bald man then counters with his own backhand. Meanwhile bystanders take cover a safe distance away from these titans, and a young boy begins to pick his nose in awe of the epic battle unfolding before him.

While the backhand was low in power, it was merely a set up for the bald man to deliver a crushing box on his foe’s ear.

The sheer power of the blow causes both men to fly backwards. Shock waves are sent into the crowd causing the young boy to lose his grip on an exceptionally large booger he was about to dislodge.

Most mortals would crumble at such a strike, but the grey-shirt man was just getting warmed up. He delivers a powerful straight punch which, unfortunately for him, falls short of its target.

From there the two men continue to circle each other trading occasional ineffective punches.

Then the bald man began his special move. By wagging his finger in an accusing fashion, he begins gathering his chi so he can unleash a devastating fireball of energy.

But with only a few shakes left the grey-shirt man gives up.

Then the two walk off together…presumably to get more booze.

Luckily this kung fu battle ended without any casualties or significant damage to property, but whenever you’re out on the street always be alert. You never know when two legendary martial artists will slug it out before your eyes.

Source: YouTube/Resou Shipin (Chinese), Toychan (Japanese)