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Kung-fu shoe flipping tournament coming back to Yokohama Chinatown

Kick off your shoes and have a good time.

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Massive kung fu vs. taekwondo brawl breaks out at shopping mall between beefing schools【Video】

Martial artists start the fight, Internet commenters continue it.

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Cat photographer captures fascinating shots of our feline friends dancing and practicing kung fu

Now we know what our cat overlords get up to when we’re not looking.

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We go crazy for Jackie Chan TV ad, cue digging out an old cosplay battle 【Video】

Remember the time we hired a lookalike and reenacted a classic Jackie Chan fight? Of course we do, we still have the video evidence!

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Worst Kung Fu fight ever breaks out on street in China

Fast as lightning, those cats were not.

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Kung Fu Motion Visualization video blurs the line between reality and digital art 【Video】

Artist digitally manipulates videos of kung fu masters practicing their craft to create sequences of mesmerizing motion.

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Check out the ninja-like table wiping skills on this Japanese waiter!

You’ve never seen table wiping like this before.

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Kung-fu rugby invades Hong Kong Sevens 2015

I have fond memories of going to the old Harlem Globetrotter games to watch all the sports-themed hijinks and hilarity of Curly, Twiggy, and the rest of the gang. Even though my father would later lose all of my college savings on ill-advised Baltimore Rocket bets, those games still hold a warm place in my heart.

And so, it’s great to see that this tradition of comedic sports entertainment lives on in 2015 as this brief video showing some highlights from a kung-fu rugby game during the Hong Kong Sevens tournament at the end of March.

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Chinese politician says kung fu movies show why umbrella protesters must be stopped

A lawmaker in Hong Kong who supports the Chinese government reportedly cited Kung Fu movies as a justification for the violent crackdown on the protesters who have become known as the “Umbrella Revolution.”

According to the South China Morning Post, the politician, Leung Che-cheung, told his colleagues on the Hong Kong Legislative Council the umbrellas protesters have been using to block tear gas could be used as an “aggressive weapon” and necessitated a violent response by police officers. To prove his point, Leung cited martial arts movies.

“It is basic common sense that an umbrella can be an aggressive weapon, but many lawmakers are just completely ignorant about history,” Leung said.

Hong Kong police have been battling the anti-government protesters since last month with tear gas, pepper spray, and alleged beatings.

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Kung-fu youths film the best action video in Singaporean history【Video】

Asian films can’t hold a candle to Hollywood films in terms of worldwide popularity, but when it comes to movies with intense fighting action, Asian stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li shine above the rest with their impeccable kung-fu moves. But such agile movie stars are hard to come by, so film-makers often rely on filming techniques and computer graphics to boost the intensity of action scenes.

Four Singaporean youths brought things back to the basics with an amateur action video clip and showed us that you don’t need state of the art CG to show the audience a powerful kick. All you need is some powder. And of course, some sleek martial art skills.

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Crazy Ninja Skills: Japan’s Schoolgirls Are Too Epic For Words 【Photos】

It’s all too easy to sneer whenever someone in the media brings up “the youth of today” and how they’re always wasting time with their gadgets, music and wallpaper paste or whatever it is they do instead of studying to become the people who will one day run the country and help us on and off the toilet.

But when we stumble upon photos of such epic proportions as these, we can’t help but forgive Japan’s youth for tooling around every now and then, and find ourselves smiling as we look on and think: man, that’s cool.

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【Video】 Chinese Man Extinguishes 15 Candles Purely by the Power of His Punches

Anyone who spent too much of their youth watching kung-fu movies or anime like Dragon Ball Z will probably be familiar with terms like “taiyou ken“- the solar flare or “fist of the sun”- and mimicking the mystical moves characters pulled off.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, there were always rumours of a kid whose dad’s friend’s cousin or someone had mastered Bruce Lee’s famous “one inch punch”, resulting in the sight of skinny pre-pubescent boys standing in a line against the wall trying to replicate the move.

Well, we were either doing that or trying to throw Street Fighter-style fireballs…

In the following video, though, a man from Henan province, China, puts on an impressive display of martial arts skill by standing at the end of a 3-metre-long row of candles and extinguishing every single one solely with the force of his punches.

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Chinese Super Mario: Wonderful Things Can Happen When Martial Arts Meet Mushrooms

OK, Rocketeers, the first person who can count the number of times I’ve mentioned Super Mario in my articles since joining the RocketNews24 crew gets a prize!*

Maybe it’s because I grew up with the games; maybe it’s because I wanted an NES for so, so long but had to be content with occasional two-minute stints on my friend’s console until my parents finally caved in and bought me one years later…

Whatever the reason, Super Mario is kinda my thing. So when my editor mentioned that someone had made “a Chinese Mario movie”, I was on it in a flash.

This movie is immensely silly, and it’s not Super Mario Bros. But even so, it is kind of wonderful…

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