Once upon a time in Bangkok, there was a magical moving emporium that only opened its doors to a lucky few. Inside, those who were permitted to enter could feast on every kind of sweet treat imaginable, and when they stepped out of this cave of wonders, they found themselves in a completely different place.

You might think this to be a fairy tale or the stuff of urban legend, but Thai native Kittiphun Khongawatkiat was lucky enough to chance upon this amazing taxi filled to the brim with snacks and candies and took some snaps to prove its existence.

According to Kittiphun, the unnamed taxi driver offers the snacks in his car to passengers all for free, purchased with the extra change he received from previous fares, as his own sugar-packed way of returning the kindness of others. Imagine yourself an exhausted tourist that had just spent the entire day conquering the hundreds of temples in the hot and humid tropical city with a complaining child–getting into this taxi would probably be the highlight of your entire journey!


▼ Every bit of free space in this taxi is covered with goodies!


▼ There are even toys for the little ones.


When I first saw the pictures, I thought the taxi driver was another clever entrepreneurial soul making extra cash by managing a second business in his car. However, this noble driver is only out there to brighten up his passengers’ day. Next time when you’re in town and have the good fortune to ride in his car, remember to tip him extra so that you can pass on the kindness!

Source: Coconuts Bangkok
Images: Kittiphun Khongsawatkiat