Yukata and obi featuring three of the biggest Sanrio stars come in adult and kids sizes.

Kimono and Hello Kitty are both iconic symbols of Japanese aesthetic taste, one representing the country’s penchant for modern-day cuteness, and the other its traditional elegance. Now Japanese kimono brand Furifu is combining the two with a series of Sanrio Characters kimono in both adult and child sizes.

Naturally, Hello Kitty is showing up as part of the collaboration, with multiple layers to the theming of her kimono. From a distance, it’s easy to spot the character’s customary red-and-white color scheme and the ribbon pattern to the fabric, evoking thoughts of Kitty-chan’s ever-present hair accessory.

Go in for a closer look, though, and you’ll see that Hello Kitty herself also appears on the cloth.

If you’re already somewhat versed in kimono fashion, you’ve probably already noticed that Furifu’s Sanrio Characters creations are yukata, lightweight kimono worn during the summer, and the perfect outfit for attending festivals and fireworks festivals. The obi (sash) is also a more casual variant, called a heko obi, made with a lighter, more flexible material that’s easier to tie and more comfortable to wear.

▼ More ribbons on the obi

Joining Hello Kitty is another Sanrio star who regularly ranks in the top tiers of popularity polls: My Melody.

The pastel shades here produce an interesting effect in which the pattern feels quietly understated from a distance, but My Melody is prominently featured all across the kimono.

▼ The softness of heko obi lets you get creative in how you tie them, like in this bunny-style knot.

And last, when My Melody shows up, you can usually expect her self-appointed rival, the covetous Kuromi, to be lurking around.

In keeping with her brash personality, Kuromi’s presence is the most overt, while still keeping to a level of business that doesn’t go beyond what’s acceptable for a kimono pattern.

The My Melody and Kuromi yukata also come in kids-size versions, sized for wearers between 100 and 130 centimeters (39 and 51 inches) in height, so that parents and kids, or older and younger sisters, can coordinate kimono looks.

All of the kimono are sold in sets that include the sash, with the adult sizes priced at 22,000 yen (US$145) and the kids at 16,500 yen, not bad prices for a yukata/obi bundle. They can be ordered starting May 20 through the online store of Furifu’s parent company Mimatsu here, or at Furifu physical stores in Tokyo and elsewhere.

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