They may be too young to be thinking about dating, but it seems that elementary school girls can still tell you exactly what they DON’T want to see in a guy!

This is a list of traits that elementary school girls dislike in a guy, apparently gleaned from a Yahoo! survey. Unfortunately, as people brought up in the comments section, the attached source link was a dud so some commenters called BS. Nevertheless, it’s funny if you treat it as real. So without further ado, let’s introduce the ten things that elementary school girls definitely don’t want in their future boyfriends.

1. Worries about their bangs (This might sound strange, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been walking along and the teen guy in front of me has stopped to rearrange his bangs in a shop window)

2. Has the TV on without watching it

3. Bald

4. Likes sweet coffee

5. Watch costs under 10,000 yen (US$84)

6. Anime otaku

7. Bowling score is under 100

8. Annual salary under 7 million yen ($60,000)

9. Air-conditioned

10. Strong

Yes, we’re aware that some of these seem to make very little sense, especially number 9. However, elementary school kids often only make sense to themselves, so I’ve no doubt that a child is capable of coming out with these things. Although it’s kind of sad to imagine innocent little girls already thinking about how much money they want their guy to be making, or even being aware of what a decent amount to earn is.

Here are some reactions by Japanese netizens. Bear in mind that most readers of this site are probably in the demographic of slightly older males!

“Elementary school girls are terrifying”
“This is a list of what they hate about their dads”
“What kind of guy is an ‘air-conditioned’ guy?”
“Who’d have thought I’d be caught out at #10”
“A bowling score under 100 lolol That’s the only one that really sounds like an elementary schooler lolol”
“I don’t get how kids think”
“Bald macho guys have no chance”
“I hate #2 too”
“#2’s the only one that doesn’t apply to me”
“So they want a weak guy who doesn’t care about his bangs and who doesn’t have aircon at home even though he earns over 7 million yen and has a great watch…”
“Do elementary schoolers care about watches…?”
“Kids tell it like it is”
“In a way this is childish and cute. Air-conditioned lolol”
“The editor must have chosen the funniest responses”
“Maybe #2’s the result of growing up seeing their mum always angry at their dad”

Well, if they’re going to be this picky, these kids will have their work cut out from them when trying to find a partner later on in life!

What do you think of this list? Do you have an stories of children coming out with strange criteria for things? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Alfalfalfa
Image: Wikipedia Commons (Kanko* from Nagasaki, JAPAN)