elementary school students

Illustration by manga artist shows why elementary kids should be allowed to leave books at school

Even grade school kids have a lot to carry to every day.

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Japanese elementary school students smash Guinness World Record in team skipping

Their amazing speed has them joining the ranks of other incredible record-holding skippers from Japan.

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Talented Japanese sixth graders pull off mind-blowing jump-rope routine【Video】

It’s a performance that’s almost too cool for school!

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Survey shows “YouTuber” among top jobs Japanese kids want when they grow up

Because they want to “make millions” and “not have to study…” 

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Online survey reveals the types of guys elementary school girls DON’T want to date

They may be too young to be thinking about dating, but it seems that elementary school girls can still tell you exactly what they DON’T want to see in a guy!

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Study reveals too much Internet and video games is bad for your grades

How much time do you spend on the Internet every day? An hour? Less? If so, great for you! For the rest of us Internet addicts, there’s a little bit of bad news: The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, or more briefly the Monbusho or MEXT, and the National Institute for Educational Policy, or NIER, have released their results of a study into the impact of Internet use on scholastic performance. The results were not particularly surprising, unfortunately.

If you’re thinking all your hours spent looking at doge memes (“Wow! Such tests! Much knowledge! So smarts!”) and pictures of Taiwanese McDonald’s employees were hurting your grades, well, unfortunately, there’s a very good chance that you’re right!

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