Illegally parking bicycles is a persistent problem in Japan, and one creative train station has come up with a new strategy to stop people from leaving bikes where they shouldn’t – by putting cute illustrations done by children on the ground!

As someone who commutes by bicycle, I am often tempted to just park my bike wherever I can find a solid piece of metal to lean the vehicle on. In fact, I have been guilty of being the owner of that bike that is randomly chained to a stop sign or road lamp because I couldn’t find a better place to park. However, if I were to see these adorable children’s drawings on the ground, I probably wouldn’t have the heart to put my wheels over them. That seems to be the exact intention this particular train station in Japan had when they came up with this plan to battle irresponsible bicycle owners.


Japanese netizens are quick to point out in sarcasm that this might not work on everyone:

“Even with this in place, I bet there are still people who will park as they like.”

“That second one looks like the kid had to rush their work right before it was due.”

“This is terrorism to kindness.”

“If I were there, I’d draw my own pictures next to those.”

Do you think a strategy like this would work? We sure hope that people (myself included) will start to park their bicycles more responsibly with this new implementation!

Source/Image: Alfalfalfa