Not sure if mad or honored.

Bicycles are a regular sight in Japan, where people use them when running errands, going to school, or just heading out on an 80-mile trip for no real reason.

They’re also popular as a way to get to work, allowing you to avoid traffic and get some exercise in during the morning. Or, if it’s raining, as a way to get through the nasty weather faster with a raincoat on.

That’s probably what Japanese Twitter user @WarriorDeadHead was thinking, but then he got a surprise. His bike wasn’t just his bike anymore:

“Since it’s supposed to rain in the afternoon, I decided to head to work via the station for the first time in a while… oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Now, there’s definitely something a little strange here. And of course that’s the question of… why is his bike parked at the train station???

In Japan, it’s not uncommon to leave a bike parked at a train station for when you need it, or if the place you live has limited/zero parking available. Sometimes the bikes parked there can go weeks or months without being used.

Oh, and I guess there might be something else strange in the photo too… the bird in the basket!

The bird is a kijibato, an “Oriental turtle dove,” similar to a pigeon. From the look in its side-eye, you can tell that it does not like this weirdo dude touching the fancy metal tree that it’s made its nest in.

Lots of people asked @WarriorDeadHead what he did next, and this was his reply:

“It stayed still while I unlocked the bike, and I thought maybe it was going to come to work with me, but then it flew away (of course). I’ve heard that kijibato re-use nests, so I moved what she’d made to the basket of another bike that was decrepit beyond use, but that was all I could do.”

Japanese netizens were tickled by the pigeon picture and shared their own similar stories:

“My friend who hadn’t used their bike in a long time went to use it, and it was gone. I think they had it worse.”
“Better than having wasps build a hive beneath your bike seat.”
“I love the pigeon’s eyes, they’re like, ‘Uh, human, what are you doing?’ lol.”
“Things that make you mad, but also not mad.”
“Glad you got to it before she laid eggs.”
“Dang, pigeons really can make nests out of anything!”

@WarriorDeadHead also added one more fun fact: the name of the station is “Tsubame,” the Japanese word for the swallow. That’s kind of cute, but…

…considering the somewhat stinky relationship that swallows and train stations share, they may want to rethink that naming.

Source: Twitter/@WarriorDeadHead via My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@WarriorDeadHead
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