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It’s far from the happiest place on earth, but Japan certainly has a reputation for kindness and hospitality. Most foreigners that visit the country return home with starry-eyed tales of over-the-top customer service and even random acts of kindness from total strangers.

But, this isn’t just a case of the Japanese putting on a good front for visiting foreigners: heartwarming acts of kindness in Japan are pretty commonplace (although this isn’t a Japan-exclusive thing; let’s be honest). If you’re in need of a Japan-flavored pick-me-up today, check out these stories of people being awesome, via Japanese Twitter users:

1. Breaking bread with strangers 

“Yesterday, a Yamazaki Baking Co. delivery driver stopped by, unloaded the contents of his truck and told motorists [stranded in a snowstorm] to take as much as they need.”

(This Tweet was sent in February of 2014, during a record-setting snowfall.)

2. Secret snacks 

“My little brother is normally a little cold. Today, after watching Summer Wars together, I thought he’d gone upstairs to sleep, so after a while I went to my own bedroom. Then I found this.”

The message reads: “Sorry it’s late! Here’s a present to celebrate you finishing your school tests! Don’t tell Mom.”

3. All tuckered out

“I came home from my part time job to find my little brother sleeping in the hall like this. When I asked my mom and dad what was up, they said he insisted on waiting right there for me to come home and fell asleep that way.”

4. The kindness of strangers

A sign in a bicycle basket reads, “I accidentally knocked your bike over and broke the bell. I’m really sorry.” Knocking over bicycles is extremely common and often more or less unavoidable in Japan’s ludicrously snarled bike parking spaces.

5. (Cats) of a feather…

Members of rival company Kuroneko help a stranded Segawa package delivery driver push his broken down truck.

6. A few extra pairs of eyes

A crowd of pedestrians help a woman find her dropped contact lens at Yokohama Station.

7. A priceless gesture

“When I was putting the cash for my kid’s school supply fees in an envelope to send off, I realized I was 10 yen short. Suddenly, my daughter, whose allowance is just 40 yen (US$0.30), handed me this note with a 10 yen coin inside.”

8. I’m cheering for you, sis!

“My little brother kept coming in and out of my room while I was trying to study for tests. Just as I was about to tell him to stop interrupting me, he came in again and told me to close my eyes. When I did, he put this bracelet in my hand and said, ‘I hope you pass!’ I almost cried.”

9. Finally finished it…

“About a week ago, I sent out a tweet jokingly asking a kid I loaned a Nintendo game to in grade school to give it back. Even though over 25 years have passed, he somehow saw the tweet, found my address and sent it to me in a package!”

10. A few crumbs of consolation 

A Twitter user staying at a hotel near a venue for a Paul McCartney concert that was ultimately canceled found this note from hotel staff on her door:

“We’re so sad to hear that the concert you were looking forward to was canceled. We hope relaxing in your room will help you to feel a little better! We know it’s not much, but we’ve prepared some cookies for you to enjoy. We hope you get to meet Paul someday! – Staff”

11. Sweet new job

A Twitter user that just started at a new job finds a sign from his co-workers on his desk spelling out “Welcome” in candies and snacks.

12. An honorable death

“I work at a theme park for young kids. Part of my job is to let them pretend to stab and shoot me and I have to pretend to die from their blows. The other day I find a note from my boss saying, ‘You die with grace,’ along with these gift cards!”

13. Thanks for your consideration 

A sign at a food retailer explains that the mark on the left means an employee wearing it is hearing impaired, and asks customers to speak more slowly and point at the items they want on the menu.

14. All patched up!

“I came home today to my three-year-old crying and apologizing profusely for accidentally dropping my 3DS down the stairs. But the fact that she tried to repair the dents and scratches with these stickers almost made me cry. I think I’ll keep it this way!”

15. Take note, good sir…

“A person standing in front of me on the train quietly passed me this note [the note reads: “Your zipper might be open”]. I looked down and, sure enough, it was open.”

16. Not a dry eye in the house

A message on a chalkboard from a teacher to his graduating students reads: “Your last assignment: Find happiness. By the time you turn in this assignment, I’ll probably already be in heaven. There’s no rush. But one day, up there, let me hear you say, ‘I found it.’ I’ll be waiting.”

Have you been the recipient of any random acts of kindness? Let us know in the comments section below! Take your time. We’ll wait while you, uh, “get the dust out of your eyes.”

Source: Curazy
Top image: Twitter/@kouno0521