Amazon Japan decided to hold its own Cyber Monday sale a few weeks after the North American counterpart. Through the campaign and sales data, they have announced the 20 most wanted Christmas presents in Japan. Clinching the top spot was none other than Sony’s PlayStation 4 which while not the dazzling success that it has been outside Japan has seen strong sales numbers since launch.

But what else do the people of Japan really want this Christmas? Check out the rest of the list below!

Most of the Top 20 list was in fact dominated by electronic products. Out of the 20, six were game consoles and three were Apple products. Let’s see what kind of trinkets people are hoping to find in their stockings this year!

  • #2: Nintendo 3DS 

2Coming in second place was Nintendo’s dual-screened portable, the Nintendo 3DS, another popular contender for the holiday season.

  • #3: iPad


Apple’s iPad came in third place, taking the top spot among all tablets. In particular, the lightweight iPad Air is said to be extremely popular among customers.

  • #4: Beats by Dr. Dre

4Perhaps to pair with all the Apple electronics Japan is buying, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones came in at 4th place. Looks like Beats headphones are still the symbol of cool for the majority.

  • #5 Youkai Watch…watch!


The first children’s toy on the list, the next most wanted item was the watch from popular cartoon series Youkai Watch, a series which has seen a huge boom in popularity among Japanese kids over the last year. The pricey product has even inspired some to DIY their own versions of the watch. However, it seems like many lucky children will be getting what they want this Christmas.

  • #6: Nintendo Wii U

It may have had a painfully slow start, but Nintendo’s Wii U is getting a lot of love in Japan now that titles like Smash Bros and Mario Kart are finally in our sweaty palms.

  • #7: Macbook Air

7Lightweight and slim seems to be the trend this year as Apple’s MacBook Air clinches 7th place, making it the only laptop computer to rank within the top 10.

  • #8: PlayStation Vita

8More game consoles continue to populate this list as PlayStation Vita managed to sneak into the top 10 list. With its sleek design and steadily growing repertoire of games, we can imagine why kids would want one for Christmas!

  • #9: Canon DSLR


With the rising popularity of mobile photography, you’d think cameras would be slowly losing steam. However, enthusiasts show their never-ending love for dedicated picture-taking gizmos as the Canon DSLR takes 9th place.

  • #10: Dyson Motorhead vacuum

10Rounding up the top ten is the Dyson Motorhead, a portable, stylish vacuum cleaner that looks like a metal detector. Because who doesn’t want to walk around their living room pretending to search for buried treasure while cleaning up? Oh, just us?

The next 10 products on the ranking were as follows.

11. Nikon DSLR

12. Amazon Kindle Reader

13. SONY Walkman

14. Xbox One

15. SHARP‘s Plama Air Moisturizer

16. Apple’s iPod Touch

17. PlayStation 3

18. Kamen Rider Drive Toy

19. ASUS Notebook

20. Amazon Fire Tablet

Did you find something you want for Christmas on this list too?

Source: Amazon Japan, h/t Hachimaki Kikou
Images: Amazon Japan