This video of a skinny guy trying to push a chubbier woman into water has been going viral online this week. The girl, donning a jersey with the name ‘Satan’ written on it, was ambushed from behind, but just when you thought she was about to fall into the water…

We were unsure if the video was staged, but the action was certainly dramatic. The chubby girl was busy waving to someone off-camera when the guy tackles her from behind, seemingly using all his might to push her into the water. It looks like she was about to get soaked.

Quickly regaining her balance as the attacker flails around, however, the girl simply picks her cap-wearing assailant up and hurls him into the water instead. That’s what we call girl power!

It seems like there is a hidden action movie star in the Satan jersey girl!

Source/feature image: YouTube
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