Many people think that good-looking guys get all the girls, but many a time, a guy’s creativity and sense of humor is more charming than a handsome face.

As if first impressions weren’t tricky enough to deal with, pick-up lines make things even more challenging. Instead of going halfway around the planet in an attempt to hit on a girl in a not-so-obvious but not-too-subtle way, a Taiwanese YouTuber demonstrates that making a humorous approach is the fastest way to get a girl’s contact details.

The video was filmed at a steamboat restaurant in Taiwan. At most steamboat (also known as hot pot) restaurants, you get to choose a soup base or two (there are special pots that are split down the middle to allow it to contain two different broths), and also the ingredients of your choice, which are to be eaten blanched in the soup. There are also restaurants that provide steamboat buffets, which allows a free flow of orders within a stipulated time frame of about 60 to 90 minutes depending on the establishment’s dining regulations. Staff at steamboat restaurants are often kept on their toes, with customers repeatedly calling for additional orders of food or more soup at a higher frequency than at a regular food establishment.

YouTuber Hei Nan took advantage of his surroundings and surprised a waitress with a pick-up line she least expected, successfully getting her LINE contact in less than a minute!

▼ Hei Nan: “Excuse me Miss, I’d like to add something (an order)…”

▼ Waitress: “What would you like to add?”

▼ Hei Nan: “I’d like to add you on LINE.”

▼ Waitress caught unaware: “Seriously?”

▼ Hei Nan: “Yup, I’d like to ask you some questions about the meat.”

▼ Waitress: “…but I’m not a professional.”

▼ Hei Nan: “That’s all right. I’m sure you know more than I do.”

▼ Success!!

How’s that for a speedy pick-up? We won’t rule out the possibility that this video clip could have been staged, but the waitress’ reactions looked pretty authentic in my humble opinion. Albeit slightly corny, he did manage to make the girl laugh, and that’s a big step into a girl’s good books. Right, ladies?

Hei-nan has a couple of other pick-up line ideas on his YouTube channel (in Mandarin only), so guys, feel free to grab some inspiration if you need any!

Source: YouTube via ETToday
Images: YouTube